VERACITOR Make Pro-BUSH Song Available For Download

October 14, 2004

Virginia-based metal band VERACITOR have posted a full-length MP3 of a song called "Warmongers of Discontent" at their official web site. Download the track at this location. The song's lyrics reflect the band's strong support for the war on terror and the war in Iraq. The group's guitarist and lyricist, Mark Rathke, had this to say about the track:

"I wrote this song to counter the anti-war, hate-Bush propaganda that seems to have tainted the metal community. The song deals with two fronts of opposition to Bush and the war in Iraq, but could be applied to any president or any war. The opposition of the left here at home and abroad are similar, because both reap the reward of the decisions made while they criticize. An example of discontent abroad can be seen on the recent interview of the Iraqi woman in Baghdad from the 'Oprah Winfrey Show'. She said that under Saddam Hussein's rule, she was not able to even grieve the murder of her family members by that regime. Yet, she has audacity to say that things are worse now, after the liberation. One begins to wonder which side she is on is she clearly bites the hand that frees her.

"On the home front, the opposition is more political. With John Kerry blatantly changing positions on this war to Ted Kennedy making outrageous charges and calling our president a liar, it's clear that their position is solely based on the lust for power. They are all over this report that says Hussein didn't have weapons of mass destruction. All Saddam had to do was to comply with Resolution 1441, which called on him to disclose his weapons programs or disarm. The resolution clearly states that the burden of proof was on Saddam Hussein to show he had no WMD, not the U.S. to prove he had WMD. George W. Bush went to the UN and tried diplomacy, even after 12 years of defiance and 16 broken UN resolutions. Saddam Hussein failed to comply. France, Germany, Russia, Hans Blix, Bill Clinton, John Kerry and John Edwards all agreed at the time that Saddam Hussein failed to prove he didn't have WMD. So, this war was justified. If we hadn't have invaded we would still be guessing whether or not Saddam had weapons."

"Warmongers of Discontent" comes off VERACITOR's self-titled debut album, available now via the band's web site or at Crossroads Music & Movies in Staunton and Waynesboro, Virginia.

VERACITOR was formed in 2003 as a power/thrash metal band with thought-provoking lyrics of a conservative nature. Topics range from the preservation of the Constitution, self-awareness and responsibility to the capture of Saddam Hussein.

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