Video: AC/DC Performs 'Touch Too Much' For First Time In More Than 35 Years

May 22, 2016

AC/DC performed the song "Touch Too Much" live for the first time in more than 35 years earlier tonight (Sunday, May 22) in Prague, Czech Republic. The last time the song was aired live in concert was on December 14, 1979 in Nice, France.

The Prague show marked GUNS N' ROSES frontman Axl Rose's sixth appearance as the temporary frontman for AC/DC. For the Prague concert, as was the case in Vienna on Thursday, Rose was only partly confined to the chair he's been seated on ever since breaking his foot during a surprise GUNS club show in April 1 in Los Angeles.

Rose told photographers back in late April that he would be wearing the cast for "a couple of weeks" longer. Although that was a month ago, he is clearly becoming more mobile at each show.

Rose sustained the injury at the first GUNS N' ROSES show featuring the partially reunited original lineup, who will also head out on a summer stadium trek beginning June 23 in Detroit.

He took over the mic in AC/DC after singer Brian Johnson was warned by doctors that he would face a total loss of his hearing if he stayed on the road. Rose is slated for now to play AC/DC's current run of European shows as well as ten postponed North American gigs.

Rose told NME in a new interview that he didn't speak with Johnson before temporarily replacing the latter, saying it was only because he didn't have enough time. Rose explained: "I have not spoken with Brian. We haven't spoken much about Brian. There hasn't been any negative talk with the guys or anything — it's just the time schedule of having to get things together for the shows, while I also had GUNS N' ROSES commitments, and then breaking the foot."

Rose reached out to AC/DC himself after hearing about Johnson's misfortune. Guitarist Angus Young said: "A lot of people were putting people forward. You get a lot of people. The modern world being what it is, everyone's, 'Well, I can sing a song.'" AC/DC did audition at least two tribute band singers during their search.

Rose recently indicated that he's willing to continue with AC/DC past the 22 shows he's contracted for.


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