Video: IAN GILLAN Unboxes 'The Vinyl Collection 1979-1982'

October 18, 2016

Demon Records will release a new must-have GILLAN vinyl boxset on October 21 (postponed from September 23). "The Vinyl Collection 1979-1982" features five albums — seven LPs in total — including "Mr. Universe" (1979),"Glory Road" (1980; 2 LPs, with bonus disc "For Gillan Fans Only"),"Future Shock" (1981),"Double Trouble" (1981; 2 LPs) and "Magic" (1982).

In the video below, Ian Gillan himself unboxes the records and tells you more about them.

The legendary DEEP PURPLE singer was delighted with the vintage feel of the finished product. He said: "It's a wonderful thing, vinyl… Best held in two hands and treated with respect, as you place it carefully upon the turntable. You just bought something significant, not easily disposable. And look at the sleeves," he commented, observing one of the records. "Aren't they cool? Read the lyrics and enjoy the artwork, while you are in the groove. No computers involved in the making of this music… Enjoy."

The 180-gram heavyweight vinyl records will all be exact replicas of their first pressings. "Future Shock", GILLAN's highest-scoring album, having reached No. 2 in the U.K. chart, will include the same 16-page booklet as featured in its original release. An exclusive edition available via Amazon will also contain a bonus seven-inch single for Spanish Guitar. Other Gillan classics featured in this priceless collection include "Sleeping On The Job", "No Easy Way", "Trouble", "Mutually Assured Destruction", "New Orleans", "No Laughing In Heaven", "Nightmare", "Restless" and "Living For The City".

GILLAN was born on the ashes of the IAN GILLAN BAND in 1978, when Ian decided to abandon the jazz-fusion style of his previous project in favor of a more progressive direction, together with keyboardist Colin Towns. The band was dissolved in 1982 following the "Magic" tour, partly due to Gillan's health issues with his vocal cords. Still, in its brief existence, they managed to release five Top 20 albums and ride the popularity of the NWOBHM sweeping the continent.

Ascended to rock royalty status as the lead singer of DEEP PURPLE, Gillan continued making an impact on the rock scene, and has become an erudite elder statesman of the genre. He sang in the role of Jesus in the original Andrew Lloyd's Webb's "Jesus Christ Superstar" and he co-wrote and sang the iconic "Smoke On The Water", among dozens of other hits. He has played to tens of millions of fans, and sold over one hundred million records. To this day he approaches writing, recording and touring with the zeal, passion and commitment of an 18-year-old.


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