VIRGOS: "We Are Not Breaking Up"

July 3, 2002

Birmingham, Alabama's VIRGOS (formerly VIRGOS MERLOT) have issued a statement denying that they have split following the less-than-spectacular reception given to their recently-released second album, entitled The Path of Least Resistance. Here is the group's message in its entirety:

"From the release of the record, to the great shows we played with CREED, and the showcases we put on for labels, it's been an interesting year. Although things have not developed as quickly as we all hoped, we wanted to give you the official word on what is going on with us.

"First off, wow, some crazy things have been going around on the VIRGOS and VIRGOS-related message boards. We cannot believe some of the NONSENSE that people write. We want to set the record straight though, and apologize that it has taken this long. First off, VIRGOS HAS NOT BROKEN UP, AND IS NOT BREAKING UP!

"We will continue to write and release records and continue to create music for you, the true VIRGOS fans that have kept us going this far. However, we are taking a bit of a breather from shows and any promotions. In the meantime, we are each out their doing what it takes. JD has an unbelievable new project that he is working on, which you will hear about soon. Chris is out with COURSE OF NATURE, as many of you know, and is filling in on bass for them. Brett has been spending countless hours recording with the best local bands in Central Florida. He will once again be joining CREED on the road in July.

"We have all worked our hardest to try and open up many doors so that more can hear and love the VIRGOS music like you love it. All the keys we have tried have yet to be successful. However, many of you may knock, or even worse, threaten CREED for 'getting in the way', but you should understand that CREED has always offered their help in EVERY way to us, because the CREED guys are fans of VIRGOS just like you. REMEMBER, THEY ARE THE ONES WHO SAW US FIRST. So all that CREED talk that is around, should be silenced.

"Finally, we might not sell a million records this year, and it seems that we still have not found our "path of least resistance", but we are not quitting. We realize that together, the music we write affects each and every one of you. It might be a while before you hear a new VIRGOS record, but please continue to promote and support the band in what we do. We will try and get you some previously unreleased material to hold you over."

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