VISION OF DISORDER's 'History Lesson' Was Highlight Of BLOODSIMPLE's Homecoming Show

October 8, 2005

BLOODSIMPLE's September 24 concert at Club Voltage in Levittown, New York included a short reunion set by VISION OF DISORDER (V.O.D.),the legendary New York hardcore band which featured in its ranks current BLOODSIMPLE singer Tim Williams and guitarist Mike Kennedy. Opening the show was KARNOV, whose lineup includes two other former VISION OF DISORDER members, drummer Brendon Cohen and bassist-turned-guitarist Mike Fleischmann.

In a review of the show, music journalist Greg Prato writes, "Sounding amazingly tight and heavy, despite not having played a show together in four years, V.O.D. cranked out a short-but-sweet three song set, including 'Choke', 'Element', and 'D.T.O.' Unfortunately, unless you were right up front (and good luck attempting that without taking a boot to the head),you couldn't get a good view of the band, thanks to the constant presence of three burly bouncers who stood on the front of the stage throughout. Despite mass chanting of 'V.O.D., V.O.D.,' the band was off the stage in what seemed like a flash."

Writing to BLOODSIMPLE's official page, Williams said about the concert, "For all those unlucky enough to miss this, you fucked up!!! This was the best BLOODSIMPLE show to date in Long Island!! Thanks to all the fans for making it amazing... V.O.D. was just as fun!! Thanks again to all the kids."

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