VIXEN Guitarist Addresses Rumors Behind Band's Split

March 4, 2007

"The Classic Metal Show" recently pressed sole remaining original VIXEN member, guitarist Jan Kuehnemund, to address the "real" reason the band split up while on the road. According to unconfirmed reports, the tour ended when an altercation broke out between members of the VIXEN camp, leaving the group's frontwoman Janet Gardner knocked to the floor from a punch to the face. When asked point blank by the guys from "The Classic Metal Show" if this rumor was true, a clearly stunned Kuehnemund stammered a bit before trying to address the issue in a politically correct way. She finally gave up, indicating that it was probably better for her to not give any further comment on the story. To hear the question as well as Jan Kuehnemund's response, check out "The Best Of The Classic Metal Show" via iTunes at this location.

"The Classic Metal Show" is heard Saturdays between 9:00 p.m. and 3:00 am EST at

Demolition Records released VIXEN's new studio album, "Live & Learn", in the U.S. on January 30.

"Live & Learn" is VIXEN's first studio recording to feature founding VIXEN member and guitarist Jan Kuehnemund since 1990's "Rev It Up".

Kuehnemund reformed VIXEN in 2001 for the Voices of Metal tour with a lineup that had to be revamped 10 dates into the tour. Undeterred, with less than a month of rehearsals, the three new members — vocalist Jenna Sanz-Agero, drummer Kat Kraft, and bassist Lynn Louise Lowrey — successfully finished the tour and the lineup of VIXEN has been solid ever since.

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