VOIVOD Singer: 'JASON NEWSTED Simply Rules!'

July 9, 2003

VOIVOD vocalist Denis Belanger (a.k.a. Snake) has posted the following update to the "Diary" section of the band's official web site:

"Hello everyone. Here I am at Ozzfest. It's incredible to think that I'm actually part of this great circus for BAD people. I love it. Here's a few words to resume the last months. First we did a cross USA tour with SEPULTURA in April and May. Andreas, Paulo, Igor and Derek [sic] are super nice guys and they still have the spirit of metal in their eyes, that's for sure. Although it was the never dull moment tour. We had this unfixable AC in the tour bus that kept me and some of the crew members sick the whole time through. Then we had a number of blow out tires on the trailer, and we blew the PA a couple of times in different clubs. (too powerful I guess). But hey! There's always a few bumps on the road and it's part of the game. I can't complain. It was a real pleasure to see the fans again after (in my case) many years. The next step was opening for OZZY across Canada. We really had a wonderful time on stage and off stage as well. OZZY has a repertoire that brings all kind of memories and emotions. OZZY's crew were nice to us and we had a real pleasant time. In some places, I must say that we felt like local heroes coz the response was so great. I cannot leave you without talking about Jasonic [a.k.a. Jason Newsted]. I have never seen so much devotion in rock in one little dude. Having him in the band is great source of inspiration and motivation. To tell you the truth, Jason is like a brother when it's time to rock, he's like a sister when it's time to smoke and party, he's like a mother when it's time for good advices, warnings, and good cares, and he's like a father coz he drives the car. Jason simply rules!!!!"

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