VULCANO Parts Ways With Singer, Announces Replacement

February 20, 2010

Brazilian thrash/death metal veterans VULCANO have parted ways with singer Angel and have replaced him with their longtime friend Luiz Carlos Louzada (CHEMICAL DISASTER, REPULSÃO EXPLICITA, K.O.V., WHITE FROGS, HIERARCHICAL PUNISHMENT, PREDATORY, PREGUH, CHAOSMASTER).

Luiz (pictured below) previously recorded the three bonus tracks for the reissue of VULCANO's "Live!" album back in 1998.

According to VULCANO, "Angel had to leave the band because of other priorities he has in his life."

VULCANO's latest album, "Five Skulls and One Chalice", was release late last year via Cogumelo Records.

After five years of silence, VULCANO "still possesses that truly indispensable chemistry, vital to any group of people united by the same ideals and goals, and capable of yielding such a unique, perfect, honest and brilliant album such as 'Five Skulls And One Chalice'," according to a press release.

"'Five Skulls And One Chalice' could well be regarded as a honored follow-up to 'Tales From The Black Book', one of the best albums released by any band returning to activity, not only because of its melodic construction, but also (and mainly) because of its odd sonority and crafted musical proposal.

"Masterly cruising through the furious seas of a deadly and vicious death/black metal, together with a thrash metal true to the guts, 'Five Skulls And One Chalice' delivers nine unreleased blows, all of them worthy of attention, none of them capturing more the ears than the other, proving that VULCANO is not only renewed, but also updated, and able to bring together old and new fans alike. On the other hand, it is impossible to forget or to attribute to chance the two tracks that have been re-recorded by the band — sounding irrevocable now — and included in the new album: 'Riding In Hell' and 'Legioes Satanicas' (both originally released on the classic 'Vulcano Live!' album from 1985)."

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