WARBRINGER Checks In From The Road

September 5, 2008

Los Angeles thrashers WARBRINGER have issued the following update:

"So we're back in North America touring the U.S. and Canada with FINNTROLL. It was quite a rush as we flew directly in from Amsterdam (as Holland was our last European show with SWORN ENEMY/ALL SHALL PERISH) into Philadelphia and had to get our butts down to Jaxx in Springfield the next day to start this tour. It was a bit chaotic but we want to thank everyone who responded to our post for a ride.

"This tour has been great! It feels good to be back home and playing in front of metal audiences and sharing a bus with the 'Trolls has been awesome. It's been some time since we played the U.S., as we pretty much spent all summer in Europe, and it's nice to feel the energy of the audience every night. Merch sales have been good too — thanks!

"We were also happy to finally get to play some key markets on this tour, like Montreal and Toronto, which we hadn't previous, despite doing so many Canadian dates with EXODUS earlier in the year, oddly those 2 places (as well as Quebec City) were not on that routing. We've heard so much about the scenes there and it was all true — good times! We actually got a DVD of our performance from the Montreal show so maybe we'll put up a song on our myspace page once we get back home. We were also happy to finally make up the Winnipeg date we missed on the EXODUS tour due to some van issues.

"We're in Edmonton tonight and we've got three more Canadian shows before we get back into the U.S. and play down the West Coast. Our tour with OVERKILL starts October 1 in L.A. now, as they pulled the first few shows. Sorry, it was not our faults. As we had some time in between we were able to schedule a make-up show in Mesa, AZ at the Cell Block on Sept. 19.

"The other BIG news today is the announcement of our first tour of 2009 — kicking off January 30 in Rochester, NY for two months we'll be out with SOILWORK, DARKANE and SWALLOW THE SUN (check our MySpace page for dates). We're thrilled to start the year off right with a great line-up of bands and we'll be playing pretty much everywhere on that tour and getting back to some spots fans have been demanding of us to return, like Detroit, Denver, and all over Florida and Texas. Advance tickets on sale already exclusively through Enterthevault.com (on sale at regular outlets in late September)

"In between OVERKILL and SOILWORK, we hope to finish writing the next record and hopefully get into the studio in December/January to try and record the follow-up to War Without End and start another year of whirlwind touring."

Metal Injection recently posted a very revealing interview (see below) with WARBRINGER. The band speaks very candidly about its beginnings, getting signed to Century Media, and its dream thrash tour lineup. When asked how they feel about this whole "thrash revival," guitarist John Laux stated "That's what they're calling it. We have a different attitude about it though. We didn't start the band going 'Let's revive the corpse of '80s thrash metal.' We were like 'let's play metal that is really metal.'"

WARBRINGER's debut offering, "War Without End", came out on February 5.

The band's video for "Combat Shock" was filmed with acclaimed director Dan Dobi (BLEEDING THROUGH, CANNIBAL CORPSE).

"War Without End" was produced by Bill Metoyer, who has previously worked with SLAYER and D.R.I., among many other legendary acts.

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