WARRANT Drummer Issues New Album Update

March 9, 2010

Drummer Steven Sweet of California rockers WARRANT has issued the following update:

"I realize we haven't been around much lately (that's subject to physical location by the way, because if you were near any one of us... we would in fact, actually be around each other).

"We've been holed up in the studio working out the finer points of a brand-spankin'-new WARRANT album...


"We are all really amped up (pun intended) to get the new tracks etched in stone, or on tape, or on hard drive as it is these days and out to all of your ears! No concrete release date at the moment, but word on the street is (actually, word between the five of us... mostly in our homes, not so much on the streets) we're looking forward to an early-to-mid-summer release... I guess it's safe to say.

"I am using a little bit of extra discretion by NOT leaking too much info just yet... Some nasty people still like to steal, even though they know it's just not right, and I'd hate to have to rewrite this whole thing in the off chance that some of the song titles, concepts, even the album title be stolen right out from under our very eyes should the evil-doers take a stab at breaking the eighth commandment. I will tell you that the band name is WARRANT and what we are hoping is that this album will further solidify the sound of this band as being one that is consistently awesome! Okay, that may sound a bit trite and grandiose, but I'd like to believe it's also true. We're not trying to reinvent the wheel (although infinite tread, titanium lined tubeless tires would be nice). Our hopes are that we will satisfy the cravings of every rock fan that has ever heard a WARRANT album and wished they were longer. Consider the new WARRANT sound as merely an extension of what we've done to date with a little more seasoning behind it.

"Stylistically, the new tracks are perhaps a bit more diverse than on previous releases. Of course there's the killer ballad (do those two words really belong together?) or two, the up-tempo, slam-it-out-until-you-pass-out rockers, and some stuff that harkens back to our '70s roots. You'll know it when you hear it and it will definitely satisfy!

"With Pat Regan skilfully helming the board (you should see him, he actually does 'helm' when he mixes) as he did on 'Born Again', the sound is pure WARRANT and then some — thanks to the boy with the golden pipes, Robert Mason.

"We'll be sure to keep you updated as things progress, and keep checking in for new dates as they come in.

"We look forward to seeing you all this summer, wherever you are — and hopefully we'll be there too, or else you can come to us depending on how far a drive it is. Scratch that just show up and we'll have a great summer together!"

Upcoming WARRANT shows:

Apr. 23 - 37 Main - Buford, GA
Apr. 24 - Leesburg Bikefest - Leesburg, FL
Apr. 30 - Pechanga Resort & Casino - Temecula, CA
Jun. 19 - Merriweather Post Pavilion - Columbia, MD
Jul. 16 - Mohegan Sun Casino Wolf Den - Uncasville, CT
Jul. 24 - Dakota Rock Fest - Sioux Falls, ND

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