WATAIN Frontman Explains 'Trident Wolf Eclipse' Album Title

January 3, 2018

France's Duke TV recently conducted an interview with Erik Danielsson of Swedish black metallers WATAIN in Paris. You can now watch the chat below.

Asked why it took WATAIN five years to release the follow-up to 2013's "The Wild Hunt", Erik said: "'The Wild Hunt' was a very… it was a project of pretty epic proportions. It was a very big album, and it took a while to let it run its course, you can say. So it's not like we've been writing non-stop for four and a half years; it was rather a matter of letting 'The Wild Hunt' do its work until we were ready to get into a new creative process."

Erik also talked about the inspiration for the "Trident Wolf Eclipse" album title. He said: "The main thing that the title refers to is, of course, the three symbols that we have been using as kind of the central symbolic language in WATAIN for many, many years now: the trident and the wolf and the eclipse. And that's a way, of course, of summarizing the nature of WATAIN in many ways, but it also summarizes the nature of the album. I like the fact that it has qualities that are both violent and intrusive, but at the same time it's a quite contemplative title, with sublime elements to it as well."

"Trident Wolf Eclipse" is due January 5 via Century Media. The effort will be made available as an LP, standard CD, limited CD digipak, digitally as well as in a limited deluxe box set of three thousand copies. The album will also be available in a variation of different vinyl colors from selected mailorder/retail stores.

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