Watch TOOL Perform '7empest' Live For First Time

February 19, 2020

TOOL played its epic song "7empest" live for the first time during its February 18 concert in Sydney, Australia.

Even though TOOL has a strict "no cellphone cameras" policy at its shows, a couple of concertgoers managed to record most of the track's live debut at Qudos Bank Arena and post it to YouTube.

"7empest", a track from TOOL's 2019 album "Fear Inoculum", landed the band a "Best Metal Performance" Grammy at the 62nd annual ceremony, which was held last month in Los Angeles.

In his acceptance speech, drummer Danny Carey said that the honor renewed his "faith in humankind that there's long attention spans left out there that can listen to a 12-minute song."

In its review of "Fear Inoculum", Rolling Stone described "7empest" as "a 15-minute workout with a title suggesting both the band's fondness for seven-beat time signatures and Shakespeare's final play, 'The Tempest' — a tale of a wronged man-turned-sorcerer, exiled to an island for 12 years, that features betrayals, revenge, and a secondary character part man, part monster."

"7empest" features a chorus riff that guitarist Adam Jones had written more than two decades ago. Bassist Justin Chancellor told Visions magazine that the riff almost made it to TOOL's previous album.

"We tried to use that riff on '10,000 Days', but it was only good, not great, so we didn't use it," he said. "In the end, our way of writing music is a long process of experimentation. We enjoy the luxury of taking this very seriously and giving it the time that it needs."

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