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EXTREME's NUNO BETTENCOURT Isn't Worried About Artificial Intelligence In Music: 'Bring It On', He Says

In a new interview with Spain's Metal Journal, EXTREME guitarist Nuno Bettencourt weighed in on a debate about people using an AI (artificial intelligence) music generator as a tool to create melodies, harmonies and rhymes based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and machine learning (ML) mo...
May 20, 2024


Finnish cello rockers APOCALYPTICA have released their cover of METALLICA's "One". The track, which features guest appearances by METALLICA frontman James Hetfield and bassist Robert Trujillo, is taken from APOCALYPTICA's upcoming album, "Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol. 2". Due on June 7 via Throw...
May 17, 2024

GOJIRA's MARIO DUPLANTIER Releases Video For New Drum Solo, 'Meteor'

GOJIRA drummer Mario Duplantier has released a video for his latest drum solo "Meteor". The clip, which was directed by Anne Deguehegny, can be seen below. In an interview with the "Behind The Vinyl" podcast, GOJIRA frontman Joseph Duplantier was asked if he ever has arguments with Mario, who is als...
May 16, 2024

MEGADETH's DIRK VERBEUREN Brings Climate Change Fight To Metal Scene With SAVAGE LANDS

By David E. Gehlke Environmental topics in metal are nothing new — ANNIHILATOR has "Stonewall", OBITUARY made a rare topical salvo with "Don't Care" and GOJIRA has been writing about saving the whales and the oceans for years. Penning metal songs about the challenges the earth faces against relentle...
May 14, 2024


Finnish cello rockers APOCALYPTICA will release their cover of METALLICA's "One" on Friday, May 17. The track, which features guest appearances by METALLICA frontman James Hetfield and bassist Robert Trujillo, is taken from APOCALYPTICA's upcoming album, "Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol. 2". Due on...
May 13, 2024

JOE LYNN TURNER: Why I Decided To Go Public With My Alopecia Battle

Joe Lynn Turner says that he is "finally living" his" truth" after dropping the hairpiece he had worn since the age of 14 after being diagnosed with alopecia at three years old. The former RAINBOW and DEEP PURPLE singer, who turned 72 eight months ago, went public with his new look in August 2022 in...
April 28, 2024


During an appearance on the "The Rich Roll Podcast", Tanya O'Callaghan, who is currently playing bass in Bruce Dickinson's solo band, spoke about what it has been like to share the stage with the IRON MAIDEN singer. She said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "Bruce is fascinating. He's a total p...
April 27, 2024

DEICIDE's GLEN BENTON Is Having Fun Again: 'I Want To Get Out There And Be Brutal'

By David E. Gehlke One of the last true larger-than-life personalities in death metal, DEICIDE frontman Glen Benton reinforced his status recently when he held court backstage at Philadelphia's Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest. Benton and his bandmates were joined by early DEICIDE producer Scott B...
April 22, 2024

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's JESSE LEACH Shares Behind-The-Scenes Video From Photo Shoot For Upcoming Album

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE singer Jesse Leach has shared behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot for the band's upcoming studio album. The session, which took place in Quito, Ecuador prior to the kick-off of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's South American tour, was helmed by Travis Shinn, a Los Angeles-based photogr...
April 18, 2024

JOSH FREESE On Being Asked To Join FOO FIGHTERS: 'It Felt Like Someone Kind Of Socked Me In The Stomach'

Josh Freese, who officially became FOO FIGHTERS' new drummer a year ago, filling the vacancy left by the late Taylor Hawkins, spoke to producer and YouTuber Rick Beato about how he landed the coveted gig. He said in part (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "On my children's lives, I had zero plans...
April 16, 2024

JOE ELLIOTT Pushes Back Against CHUCK BILLY's And CHRIS HOLMES's DEF LEPPARD 'Backing Tracks' Claim: They've Got It 'Completely Wrong'

DEF LEPPARD's Joe Elliott has dismissed accusations that his band is using backing tracks during live performances, saying "we've never done that." The 64-year-old singer and founding member of the iconic British band made the comment while responding to a question about DEF LEPPARD's "polished"-but...
April 11, 2024

SLASH's 'Jessica' Les Paul Standard Guitar Available Worldwide

As it celebrates 130 years of music history, Gibson, the iconic global instrument brand, has shaped sound across generations and genres of music for over a century, becoming one of the most relevant, played, and loved music brands around the world. With a partnership that has lasted over three decad...
April 10, 2024

APOCALYPTICA Releases Music Video For Cover Of METALLICA's 'The Unforgiven II'

APOCALYPTICA has shared the official music video for the band's cover of METALLICA's "The Unforgiven II". The track is taken from APOCALYPTICA's upcoming album, "Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol. 2". Due on June 7 via Throwdown Entertainment, the LP will continue the journey that began in 1996 when...
April 5, 2024

ACCEPT's WOLF HOFFMANN: 'The Thought Of Artificial Intelligence Creating Art, That Is Something That Concerns Me'

During a press conference in Paris, France to promote ACCEPT's upcoming album "Humanoid", guitarist Wolf Hoffmann addressed the positive side of A.I. (artificial intelligence),particularly as it relates to the potential to drive innovation, streamline processes, enhance productivity and improve dec...
April 3, 2024

HELMET's PAGE HAMILTON Names The Album That Made Him Want To Pick Up A Guitar

In a new interview with Jordi Pinyol, HELMET frontman Page Hamilton reflected on how he first started playing guitar. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "Well, I wanted a guitar because of LED ZEPPELIN. The first album I got was 'Led Zeppelin IV', the one with 'Stairway To Heaven'. I boug...
April 2, 2024