May 11, 2010

Austin, Texas technical metal godfathers WATCHTOWER have parted ways with vocalist Alan Tecchio.

Commented the band: "We know this announcement may come as a shock to many who've heard our new song, 'The Size of Matter', and saw us live with Alan in Germany last month. Alan did a great job on 'Matter' and we had a blast getting back together on stage so this isn't about the usual musical or personal differences.

"We want to wish Alan good luck in his future endeavors, including his upcoming Bang Your Head!!! show with HADES.

"We've had several discussions concerning the future of WATCHTOWER leading up to our Keep It True show and since then about what we would like to accomplish with our new album. One major aspect of that is playing live and being able to take advance of possible touring opportunities in order to maximize the potential we see in 'Mathematics'.

"We have always felt that the true strength of WATCHTOWER is that of live band rather than what've we done in the studio. And with record sales being what they are these days being able to tour and establishing a live presence becomes that much more important. Unfortunately, we all have our own economic realities to deal with and Alan simply could not give us the kind of commitment now that we know we will require in the foreseeable future in order to promote 'Mathematics' in a live capacity. So rather than putting out 'Mathematics' with a singer we know will not be able to tour with us, we've decided to end things now and look for someone new who is ready, willing, and able to go it all the way with the band.

"We are under no illusion that finding that voice for WATCHTOWER will be an easy task, especially if our last singer search back in the early '90s is anything to go by. But we are hopeful that with the help of the Internet we'll be able to cast a wider net and find that needle in a haystack this time.

"We are looking for someone who has a grasp of the mechanics of music, i.e. an understanding of time signature changes, a good sense of timing, can write melodies, and is willing to go a little nuts with us on stage. We'd prefer someone in Texas, though we understand the geography may require flexibility to get the right person.

"If you sound like a cross between Devin Townsend, Geddy Lee, Myles Kennedy, and Russell Allen and have the crazy stage personality of a Mike Patton — we want to hear from you! If you ARE Devin, Geddy, Myles or Russ — we want to hear from you!"

"If all that doesn't scare you off, please send samples of your work (links are preferred) and a brief outline of your musical background and experience to [email protected]

"If we hear something that might be a good fit, we will get in touch with you and take things from there."

Video footage of WATCHTOWER performing "Tyrants In Distress" at this year's Keep It True festival at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany can be viewed below.

"The Size of Matter", the first new offering from WATCHTOWER since its seminal 1989 release "Control and Resistance", has been added to the download store and can be purchased at this location.

Engineered and mixed by Ron Jarzombek, with vocals mixed by Jon "Jonny Rod" Ciorciari and mastering done by Jacob Hansen (BLOTTED SCIENCE, VOLBEAT, DESTRUCTION),"The Size of Matter" features the "Control and Resistance" lineup consisting of Alan Tecchio (vocals),Ron Jarzombek (guitar),Doug Keyser (bass),and Rick Colaluca (drums).

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