Were PANTERA Planning A Reunion?

December 13, 2004

Singer Mike D. Williams of EYEHATEGOD, which features in its ranks SUPERJOINT RITUAL guitarist Jimmy Bower, has posted the following message at his Southern Nihilism Front web site:

"I know by now you've all heard this bullshit [about Dimebag being shot to death]... It's sad as fuck. I can't even put into words the scope of the violence involved in this... A couple of my other friends were shot as well.

"The fucked up thing is that the shooter was apparently pissed 'cos PANTERA broke up... The goddamn irony of it all is (nothing was set in stone),but they were just starting to talk about doing some reunion shows and put all their petty differences aside.

"What a fuckin shame... I got tons a stories about how much fun we had whenever we hung w/ Dime, staying at his house, BBq'ing and generally getting blitzed, cuttin' up and talkin' trash... Blasting D.A. COE and KISS with that freakin dry ice machine/light show in his living room(!!) and even going fishing w/him in Arlington. We'll never forget all that. The dude lived to have a good time.

"...Roll the dice and do a shot of Blacktooth for ya boy..."

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