July 4, 2003

Former LIMP BIZKIT guitarist Wes Borland recently spoke to Kerrang! magazine about the vocalist search for his new band, EAT THE DAY. "I really like the guy from the MARS VOLTA (Cedric Bixler),he's amazing," he said when asked who his "dream" vocalist would be. "My heart exploded when I heard the album and thought, 'Yes, a truly awesome band!' His voice is glassy, yet powerful. My favorite singers are PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple, Trent Reznor, Maynard James Keenan, Perry Farrell, Mike Patton, so if we could get anyone who combines any of their qualities they'd be perfect."

Borland recently took his vocalist search to London, where the guitarist listened to 40 demo CDs passed on by his record label (he has retained his contract with LIMP BIZKIT's record company, Interscope Records). Twenty of them "were really good", he said. Together with producer Bob Ezrin (KISS, JANE'S ADDICTION),Borland narrowed the list down to seven candidates, and met with each one. They now have three potential frontmen who Borland claims are each fantastic. "I love them," he said. "Two are already in bands, one isn't. The next stage involves flying each one out to L.A. for further investigation."

"We've got at least two records worth of material ready to go but realized that it's insane to continue writing more until we get a singer," he explained. "Otherwise it's a song with a lot of loose ends. It feels like having a disability, like we're a handicapped band."

With regards to his expectations for the new band, Wes said, "EAT THE DAY won't be anywhere near as big as LIMP BIZKIT, but that's not the point. I'd rather scale down, go back to clubs and not have millions of people who I don't know around me all the time. If we're popular, great, but I'm getting older. I'm 28 now, I can't identify with teenagers any more.

"With EAT THE DAY we have a very specific target audience, but not a particular age group," he explained. "I'm not aiming at those kids particularly. It's music for people who don't want music that sticks to the radio formulas, music that's stranger, moodier, braver, it's music for people who want something more."

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