WHIPLASH: Footage From Forthcoming DVD Posted Online

January 13, 2010

Reactivated New Jersey thrashers WHIPLASH have uploaded a high-quality video clip (see below) of the first segment from the band's upcoming DVD, entitled "25 Years Of Thrash". The clip was shot at Mozart studios in the group's hometown of Clifton, New Jersey and features guitarist/vocalist Tony Portaro laying down rhythm guitar tracks for the song "Feeding Frenzy" with world-renowned engineer/producer Harris Johns (SODOM, KREATOR, HELLOWEEN, SEPULTURA).

According to the group, the disc feature three brand new songs and will cover the true stories from band's history with Roadrunner Records and beyond, covering the 1985-1990 period ("Power And Pain", "Ticket To Mayhem", "Insult To Injury") and the Massacre Records years from 1996 to 1998 ("Cult Of One", "Sit Stand Kneel Prey", "Thrashback"). The package will include new and rare concert footage, photos, interviews and much more. It will take you back in time, hands on the mixing board in very raw setting, as the band shares its experiences of the writing and recording of some of the best WHIPLASH albums released to date.

"25 Years of Thrash" will be released later in the year on an as-yet-undetermined record label.

"Unborn Again", the latest album from WHIPLASH, was released last fall via Pulverised Records. The CD was recorded at Mozart Studio with Harris Johns. The band mixed and mastered the album at Spiderhouse Studio. The cover artwork was created by Ed Repka (DEATH, ATHEIST, MEGADETH, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, POSSESSED, etc.).

WHIPLASH is a three-piece power trio hailing from New Jersey. The band was assembled back in 1984 when Tony Portaro (guitar, vocals) and Tony Scaglione (drums) joined forces, recruited Tony Bono on bass and released their first CD, "Power and Pain", in 1985 on Roadrunner Records. The debut CD was followed up by their first live performance at Ruthie's in Berkley, California with POSSESSED and DEATH ANGEL.

WHIPLASH's current lineup:

Tony Portaro - Guitar/Vocals
Joe Cangelosi (ex-KREATOR) - Drums
Rich Day Bass (ex-PRIMAL SCREAM) - Bass

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