WHITE LION Drummer Interviewed On 'Maximum Threshold'; Audio Available

July 16, 2008

WHITE LION drummer Troy Patrick Farrell was a guest on this past weekend's (Saturday, July 12) edition of the "Maximum Threshold" radio show. The program is now available for download at this location.

Frontiers Records released the comeback studio album from WHITE LION, entitled "Return of the Pride", on March 14. According to a press release, "all the trademarks of the WHITE LION classic sound can be found again in the new album which offers a musical variety that covers the entire musical spectrum the band is well know for. 'Return of the Pride' kicks off with 'Sangre de Cristo', a thunderous epic that ventures into lyrical and musical territories best heard, than described. 'Battle at Little Big Horn' is the album's other soaring epic, a musical re-enactment of one of Native America's most significant historical events: Custer's Last Stand. Hook-laden rockers such as 'Dream', 'Live Your Life' and 'Finally See The Light' maintain a positive musical and lyrical vibe throughout the album, whereas 'Gonna Do It My Way' and 'Let Me Be Me' are the modern-day 'Living On The Edge' songs of rebellion." The CD was produced by singer Mike Tramp and bassist Claus Langeskov and recorded during 2007 in both Australia and Copenhagen, Denmark, in between touring commitments.

WHITE LION performing live in Santiago de Compostela, Spain – July 2008:

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