Will MEGADETH Re-Record 'Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!' With Current Lineup? DAVE MUSTAINE Weighs In

February 3, 2018

During an appearance on the "Trunk Nation" show on SiriusXM channel Volume, MEGADETH leader Dave Mustaine was asked if there is still a chance of him re-recording the band's debut album, "Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!", with the current lineup. He responded: "See, this is the terrible thing about the Internet, because if I say something to somebody on Twitter… Somebody could say something and I could say, 'Oh, I'm thinking about getting my head examined,' and all of a sudden, 'Dave's having a brain scan.'

"We always say it would be great to go back and re-record some old stuff — hell, it would be great to go back and re-record a bunch of old stuff that I did — but with the amount of music these guys have ready to play, [current MEGADETH guitarist] Kiko [Louriero] and [drummer] Dirk [Verbeuren] and I are looking forward to getting into the studio and just starting and working," he continued. "It's fun to think about what's gonna happen right now.

"I do know that we had somebody go back and remix that record and he found some missing drum parts, which is, to me… If you're not a drummer, you're not really gonna hear them," he added. "I'm not a drummer, and I did hear 'em, because I produced it. But it's always great when you go back into the studio and you find missing little pearls."

In a 2016 interviw with Musik Universe, Mustaine said that there would be "a lot involved with doing something like" re-recording the entire "Killing" album. "So I don't know that I would wanna go back in time and do that," he said. "If I did go back and record any old songs, it would probably be like a brand-new interpretation of our greatest hits, because I think that focusing on any one record and showing an interpretation of all of our great songs by a new lineup would be more exciting. You never know. We might do that."

MEGADETH is tentatively planning to enter the studio in mid-2018 to begin recording its new album for a 2019 release. Mustaine revealed on Twitter that he is in the process of "collecting ideas" for the follow-up to "Dystopia".

MEGADETH's upcoming effort will mark the group's first release to feature Verbeuren, who officially joined the group a year and a half ago.

"Dystopia" was MEGADETH's first album with Loureiro, who was previously best known for his work with the Brazilian metal band ANGRA.

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