WITHIN TEMPTATION: 'Black Symphony' DVD Certified Gold In Holland

March 26, 2009

"Black Symphony", the latest double-DVD from the popular Dutch symphonic metal band WITHIN TEMPTATION, was certified gold in Holland. The set, which was released on September 22, 2008, is also available as a double-CD.

The band's most ambitious staging to date, Black Symphony was a unique concert at Rotterdam's Ahoy Arena on February 7, 2008. Sold out months in advance, the show featured WITHIN TEMPTATION performing to 10,000 fans with the 60-piece Metropole Orchestra and a 20-voice classical choir, as well as on-stage stilt performers, costume changes, and an array of stunning pyrotechnic and lighting effects. The colossal production extended to Europe's largest video screen (a massive 400 sqm),reaching across the entire width of the stage, and 14 full HD cameras. Special guests on the night included Keith Caputo (LIFE OF AGONY),Anneke van Giersbergen (ex-THE GATHERING),and George Oosthoek (ORPHANAGE).

WITHIN TEMPTATION singer Sharon den Adel will perform at Night of the Proms in Belgium and the Netherlands in late March. Also scheduled to appear are Peter and Zoltan Katona from Hungary. John Miles and the choir Fine Fleur will also be joining Night of the Proms after a sabbatical year.

Night of the Proms is one of the most visited and most attractive musical events in Belgium and in Europe. It takes the audience on a journey through rousing and familiar classical repertoire, timeless pop classics, sing-along tunes and get-up-and-dance music, all of this backed by a mind-blowing visual and aural setting.

For more information, visit www.notp.com.

Sharon den Adel and WITHIN TEMPTATION guitarist Robert Westerholt are expecting their second child this summer. The couple has a three-year old daughter named Eva Luna den Adel.

WITHIN TEMPTATION is taking a break from touring during 2009 but is continuing to work on new material. A new album is expected in 2010.

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