Would GUNS N' ROSES Ever Reunite Without AXL ROSE?

August 3, 2010

LED ZEPPELIN was reportedly incredibly close to touring without singer Robert Plant, but it never happened. It's an interesting idea, though, for a band to hit the road even if their vocalist isn't interested. That might be the case for the original members of GUNS N' ROSES since Axl Rose doesn't seem too keen on reuniting with them. So would drummer Steven Adler ever consider going out with just Slash, Izzy Stradlin and Duff McKagan?

"No, no, never, no, no, that's ridiculous," Adler told VH1 Radio Networks' Dave Basner. "'Appetite for Destruction' [GUNS N' ROSES' classic 1987 debut] is one of like five records that is still selling 20, 30 years later and is still popular. That shows right there how difficult it is to find four or five of the right people that can make that magic, that special magic."

Adler went on to say who they'd consider if they considered anyone.

"That Myles Kennedy [singer from ALTER BRIDGE] that Slash is working with, he's awesome," Steven told Basner. "Dude, that's 'Thor,' the god of thunder. He's great and if anybody could go in there, it would be him, but he don't have the chemistry that the five of us did because Axl, his attitude, Izzy's coolness, Duff's shyness, Slash's craziness and my outgoingness, it just all meshed together right."

As previously reported, Adler slammed his replacement in GUNS N' ROSES, Matt Sorum, in a new interview with Ultimate-Guitar.com. Adler was kicked out of the band in 1990 due to his drug use, and when asked how he felt when he heard that Sorum would play on the band's 1991 "Use Your Illusion" records, Adler said, "His were just half-assed, crappy versions. Nothing personal against the guy, but he's like a goddamn drum machine. He's got no heart; he's got no soul; he's got no feel. And as life and the years have shown obviously I'm not the easiest drummer to replace."

Adler added that he thinks the "Use Your Illusion" albums would have been bigger than the band's 1987 debut, "Appetite For Destruction", if he had been on them.

As for the chances of the original GUNS reuniting, Adler said, "I would love that more than anything, but it's an Axl thing; it's up to him if he wants to do it. Put it this way, it's the stupidest thing in the world for us not to do it."

Sorum told The Pulse of Radio a while back that if the original band reunites, they should perform with both him and Adler. "If it's me on drums or Steven or whatever, if it happened, it'd be great, you know," he said. "I would actually say to them, 'Hey, bring both of us back,' you know. Let me play the other stuff. We'll have two drum kits. I don't care. If 'Appetite' sounds better with Steven playing it, have both guys up there. They can afford it."

Adler has battled drugs for years and was a cast member of "Celebrity Rehab", although he relapsed briefly after appearing on the program.

Adler is on the road with his band ADLER'S APPETITE and also recently played on ex-GUNS guitarist Slash's self-titled solo album. He has just published his autobiography, "My Appetite For Destruction: Sex & Drugs & Guns N' Roses".

Slash, Sorum and bassist Duff McKagan are also all in VELVET REVOLVER.

Axl Rose has been fronting a completely different GUNS lineup for several years now, with that band playing the Sturgis Bike Rally next week.

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