ZAKK WYLDE: 'I Worship The Ground OZZY Walks On'

September 17, 2006 recently conducted an interview with Zakk Wylde (OZZY OSBOURNE, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY). A few excerpts from the chat follow:

Planet Loud: Ozzfest is about the new bands as well as the old bands. Did you see any this time that kicked your ass?

Zakk: "DRAGONFORCE is awesome, bro. LAMB OF GOD — great musicians. STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. These are all great musicians who are doing it for the right reasons. The bottom line is that any great musician is doing it because they love music. You don't sit around playing ten hours a day to get laid. People like Eddie Van Halen didn't practice all fuckin' day just to get fuckin' laid. You don't play 'Spanish Fly' or 'Eruption' just to get a fuckin' peice of ass. If you're doing it for that you may as well just get a Les Paul, turn it sideways and cram it up some fuckin' chick's ass. Am I right or wrong? Gimme a fuckin' break."

Planet Loud: You mentioned that you're working with Ozzy on his new record. How is that going?

Zakk: "All good. It sounds like a fuckin' Ozzy record. It ain't gonna sound like a fuckin' GREEN DAY record. It sounds like Ozzy. When me and Ozzy get together it just rips. We've got the mellow shit, for sure, like 'No More Tears', but, like ZEP, you got the heavy shit then the mellow shit. Ozzy is doing good. The bottom line is that I'm not over there hanging with you guys because I'm here with Ozzy working on his record."

Planet Loud: Do you still learn from Ozzy?

Zakk: "I worship the ground he walks on. He's such a beautiful, beautiful soul. Ever since I was nineteen he has always told me that he doesn't care what they did to him but they don't want him to do it to me. He's the greatest. He kicks so much fuckin' ass. I got my Dad and I got Oz. I don't need anything else."

Planet Loud: As well as your wife, you're obviously close to your father?

Zakk: "He's a sweetheart, bro, he's the best. When he walks on the bus it's just amazing and he just hangs with us. That's the BLACK LABEL way. Everyone who rolls with BLACK LABEL is just awesome."

Planet Loud: What did you learn from him?

Zakk: "A work ethic. It'd be like four thirty in the morning and I'd hear him getting up for work and his change rattling around in his pants as he was going out. He'd come home at about six or seven but he made sure he showed up for the important things in my life. You always knew there was going to be food on the table and a roof over your head. He always made sure you knew that you had to earn your way. I'd have to pay my way and if I wanted a guitar, they'd chip in but I'd have to earn the majority of it. That's how I got my first Les Paul and that is something I'm going to pass on to my kids. Whatever their dreams are, there is nothing better than watching them as those dreams come true. That's what it's all about, bro."

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