rating icon 5 / 10

Track listing:

01. Above It All
02. Better Late Than Never
03. Chew Me Up
04. So What
05. Left Behind
06. Bite The Bullet
07. Blinding Lights

Ask any professional resume reader, and they'll tell you that people often aren't as they appear on paper. In this case, however, they are. As SAINT ASONIA, Adam Gontier (vocals, guitar),  Mike Mushok (lead guitar),  Cale Gontier (bass) and Cody Watkins (drums) make music exactly as one would expect of former members of THREE DAYS GRACE, STAIND and ART OF DYING, respectively. Relying on simple, repeatable choruses and Gontier's alluring, scratchy voice, they run the hamster wheel of hard rock; mildly entertaining, but utterly predictable.

The "Introvert" EP consists of seven tracks that are difficult to distinguish from one another. "So What" stands out as the song with the most attitude, and "Left Behind" separates itself with a guitar solo. "Chew Me Up" speeds up the vocal rhythm for a few moments about halfway through for a small but welcome surprise.

The record isn't unpleasant by any means, but it's perfunctory; each song is just catchy enough to keep listening. "Introvert" will satisfy anyone with their feet firmly planted in the world of hard rock just fine, but those searching for novelty should look elsewhere.

Author: Taylor Markarian
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