Mighty Spec
rating icon 8 / 10

Track listing:

01. Prognosis
02. Education
03. Naiad
04. Replacements
05. ATTK
06. Truth
07. Lobotomy
08. How We Die
09. I Survive
10. Not Of This Earth
11. Cancer

Unlike TECHNOCRACY's three-song demo, which featured a stripped-down production that didn't adequately complement the group's “futuristic”, layered sound, the San Francisco Bay Area quintet's full-length debut is an impressively convincing and effective effort that displays the kind of maturity and songwriting depth that is usually reserved for more established acts.


Boasting a sound that revolves around VIO-LENCE axeman Phil Demmel's thick, crunchy riffing style and vocalist Steve Machado's mid-range, ultra-melodic delivery, TECHNOCRACY's self-titled CD is a relatively unique-sounding affair that, during its more manic moments (i.e. opener “Prognosis”, “I Survive”),brings to mind FEAR FACTORY, particularly as it pertains to Demmel's punishing execution, which is far more modern in nature than the MACHINE HEAD-like aggression of his previous group TORQUE or the old-school thrash sounds of the aforementioned VIO-LENCE. Enveloped in samples and other sound effects that add texture where necessary and provide a much-needed sense of dynamics that helps to shape each individual track into is own separate entity, the group's approach comes across as forward-thinking and fresh without ever appearing forced or unnatural—an impressive feat for any act, especially one as young as this.


Largely self-produced (mixing duties were handled by acclaimed engineer/produced Vincent Wojno, who's previously worked with MACHINE HEAD and KREATOR, among others),Technocracy possesses a rare combination of over-the-top brutality and ultra-catchy melodies that should significantly boost the group's chances of appealing to a wider cross-section of metal fans than is the case with most of the band's counterparts.


Presently unsigned, the five-piece are making this CD available through their own Mighty Spec Records, the contact info for which can be obtained by visiting TECHNOCRACY's official web site at this location.

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