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MUDVAYNE's CHAD GRAY Rips Artists Who Rely Heavily On Backing Tracks During Live Shows: 'Great Bands Never Did That S**t'

In a new interview with Australia's The Underground, MUDVAYNE and HELLYEAH frontman Chad Gray once again lamented the lack of new bands who have their own musical identity as well as the growing number of artists who rely heavily on backing tracks during their live performances. He said in part (as...
February 11, 2024

COAL CHAMBER's DEZ FAFARA No Longer Drinks Alcohol But Still Loves His Cannabis

In a new interview with The Break Down With Nath & Johnny, COAL CHAMBER and DEVILDRIVER frontman Dez Fafara spoke about his decision to finally get sober nearly eight years ago. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "Alcohol and all the partying and staying up, that never really affected...
February 8, 2024

FEAR FACTORY's DINO CAZARES Picks METALLICA's 'Ride The Lightning' Over 'Master Of Puppets', Explains Why

In a new interview with Radioactive MikeZ, host of the 96.7 KCAL-FM program "Wired In The Empire", FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares was asked which METALLICA album he thinks is better, "Ride The Lightning" or "Master Of Puppets". He responded (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "Well, the first...
February 7, 2024


Chișinău, Moldova's INFECTED RAIN are incredibly unique. The band, fronted by powerhouse vocalist Lena Scissorhands, who can switch between blood-spitting screaming and soft, ethereal vocals in seconds, makes listening thrilling, and INFECTED RAIN have only gotten stronger since their 2011 debut alb...
February 5, 2024

FRANK BELLO On Upcoming ANTHRAX Album: 'We Stepped Up The Heaviness'

In a new interview with Rodney McG, ANTHRAX bassist Frank Bello offered an update on the recording sessions for the band's follow-up to 2016's "For All Kings" album. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "We officially finished drums, bass and guitar, which is great. I know my bass tracks ar...
January 31, 2024


ANTHRAX and PANTERA drummer Charlie Benante and his longtime girlfriend, Carla Harvey from BUTCHER BABIES, are officially engaged. The 61-year-old Benante broke the news in a social media post earlier today (Sunday, January 28). He shared a couple of photos of him and Carla, 47, at a U2 concert at t...
January 28, 2024

HELMET's PAGE HAMILTON: DONALD TRUMP Is 'The Worst President In The History Of The United States And A Terrible Human Being'

In a new interview with Spain's link textMade In Metal, HELMET frontman Page Hamilton discussed the lyrical inspiration for the band's new song "Make-Up", which appears on HELMET's latest album, "Left". He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "That word 'make-up' — term, I should say; it's two...
January 26, 2024

PAPA ROACH's JACOBY SHADDIX Reflects On His Friendship With CHESTER BENNINGTON: 'He Just Had A Heart Of Gold'

In a new interview with Canada's iHeartRadio, PAPA ROACH singer Jacoby Shaddix reflected on his friendship with late LINKIN PARK frontman Chester Bennington. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "Oh, man. What an amazing man, amazing creator, great human. He just had a heart of gold. "I me...
January 23, 2024

ALICE COOPER To Release 'Billion Dollar Babies' Trillion Dollar Deluxe Edition For 50th Anniversary

A new version of "Billion Dollar Babies" is on the way as Alice Cooper's delightfully subversive sixth album returns in all its snakeskin glory for an extended 50th-anniversary celebration. After hitting No. 1 on the album charts in America and the U.K. in 1973, the record remains a highwater mark f...
January 23, 2024

SKILLET's JOHN COOPER Says DEMI LOVATO's Pro-Abortion Rights Song 'Swine' 'Encapsulates So Much Evil'

In a recent interview with Plugged In director Adam Holz, John Cooper, the frontman and bassist for the Grammy-nominated Christian rock band SKILLET, was asked about the difficulties Christian parents face in trying to help their kids embrace their values, particularly when it comes to "striking tha...
January 20, 2024

FEAR FACTORY's DINO CAZARES: 'We've Gotta At Least Put A' New 'Single Out Before The End Of The Year'

In a new interview with Brutal Planet Magazine, FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares spoke about the band's plans to make a new studio album in 2024. The effort will mark FEAR FACTORY's recording debut with the group's latest addition, Italian-born vocalist Milo Silvestro, whose addition to FEAR FACT...
January 13, 2024

MUDVAYNE's CHAD GRAY Says Most New Music Sounds The Same: 'There's Nothing Separating One Band From Another'

In a new interview with The Underground Australia, MUDVAYNE frontman Chad Gray lamented the lack of originality of a lot of the newer hard rock and heavy metal bands, saying that there is "nothing separating one band from another". Asked about the "rebirth" of the "late '90s, early 2000s era of musi...
January 13, 2024

HELMET's PAGE HAMILTON: DONALD TRUMP Is 'The Most Toxic Pile Of S*** That We've Ever Had In American Politics'

In a new interview with Keefy of Ghost Cult, HELMET frontman Page Hamilton discussed the band's new song "Gun Fluf", which specifically talks about how the strength of the gun lobby in America is the most important factor that prevents firearm legislation reform from occurring. He said (as transcrib...
January 3, 2024

HELMET's PAGE HAMILTON: 'It Feels Like We're About To Embark Upon World War III'

In a recent interview with Australia's "Everblack" podcast, HELMET frontman Page Hamilton spoke about how the world events of the last few years — including the global pandemic and political unrest — have provided him with the inspiration to create some of the songs on the band's latest album "Left"...
December 29, 2023


In an interview with TellUs Rock, FEAR FACTORY's new singer Milo Silvestro was asked about what it's like to be on tour with an internationally acclaimed metal act like FEAR FACTORY for the first time and whether it's as much of a "party" lifestyle as a lot of people believe it is. He responded (as...
December 26, 2023