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KISS: 'Dynasty' Photographer Passes Away

World-renowned fashion photographer Francesco Scavullo, who took the photographs for the KISS album "Dynasty", has died in New York at the age of 82, according to Reuters. Scavullo's works are included in the permanent collections of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. His photographs were publis...
January 8, 2004

Tempo of the Damned

By the time EXODUS split up in the early '90s, they had all but lost their steam, their latter-day recorded output serving as little more than a painful reminder of the fact that the band would never recapture the magic that had made their first couple of efforts such classics in the thrash metal ge...
December 27, 2003

AMONG THIEVES Enter Studio To Record Full-Length CD

AMONG THIEVES, the New York-based band featuring LIFE OF AGONY bassist Alan Robert and BIOHAZARD drummer Danny Schuler, are in the studio recording their debut full-length album, "Beginning of the End", for a 2004 release through Daymare Recordings in Japan. The complete track listing for the CD is...
December 5, 2003

Norwegian Police: VARG VIKERNES Won't Be Able To Hide For Very Long

Varg Vikernes defense lawyer John Christian Elden has spoken to Norway's NRK about his client's failure to return to prison as scheduled after a short leave. Refusing to comment on whether or not he's been in contact with Vikernes during the 24-hour period the inmate has been on the run, Elden offer...
October 26, 2003

MY RUIN's TAIRRIE B Has No Love For Her Former Record Labels

In a recent interview with Modern Fix magazine, MY RUIN frontwoman Tairrie B. (ex-TURA SATANA, MANHOLE) blasted the group's former record labels Spitfire and Snapper Music for their failure to properly market the band's music, saying that the song "Spitfire" on their new album was written as a big "...
October 22, 2003

CHARON's 'Religious/Delicious' Enters Finnish Single Chart At No. 8

CHARON's latest single, "Religious/Delicious", has entered the Finnish single chart at No. 8. "Religious/Delicious" is the second single off the Finnish group's forthcoming fourth full-length album, "The Dying Daylights", due on September 22 through Spinefarm Records. The follow-up to last year's "D...
September 8, 2003

AEROSMITH Bassist Discusses Blues Album, Power Failure

AEROSMITH bassist Tom Hamilton recently spoke to Pittsburgh Live about the band's upcoming blues CD, tentatively due in February 2004. "We've recorded an album's worth of material, most of it blues covers," Hamilton said. "Not just blues, but also sort of mid-'60s soul and English blues-pop. There's...
August 20, 2003

ATOMIZER: New Album Details Revealed

Australian black/death/thrash ensemble ATOMIZER have finalized the track listing for their third studio album, "The Only Weapon Of Choice (13 Odes To Power, Decimation and Conquest)", due in Australia in late September. 13 tracks were recorded for the CD, which has a playing time of roughly 45 minut...
August 13, 2003

CHARON Re-Name New Album

Finland's CHARON have changed the title for their forthcoming fourth full-length album to "The Dying Daylights" from the originally announced "Dead Man Walking". The follow-up to last year's "Downhearted" is due on October 6 through Spinefarm Records. A new single containing the song "Religious/Deli...
August 11, 2003

A PERFECT CIRCLE: Audio From Private Rehearsal Posted Online

A PERFECT CIRCLE fan site has posted several full-length MP3s recorded during the band's private rehearsal on Thursday (July 24) for friends and family at CenterStaging studios in Burbank, California. The songs available for download are as follows: 01. Weak And Powerless (3:20 min...
July 28, 2003

CHARON: New Album Details Revealed

Finland's CHARON have set "Dead Man Walking" as the title for their forthcoming fourth full-length album, due on September 1 through Spinefarm Records. The follow-up to last year's "Downhearted" was recorded at BRR Studios in the group's hometown of Raahe and was mixed at Helsinki's Finnvox Studios....
July 26, 2003

A PERFECT CIRCLE: 'Weak And Powerless' Full MP3 Posted Online

A PERFECT CIRCLE fan site has posted a full-length MP3 of the band's new single, "Weak And Powerless", at this location. The recording was made off the radio when the song was played on 92.3 WXTM in Cleveland, Ohio the other day and features the DJ talking over a part of the ...
July 26, 2003

A PERFECT CIRCLE Debut New Show For Family And Friends

According to, A PERFECT CIRCLE debuted the new live show privately for friends and family at their rehearsal space in Los Angeles on Thursday, July 24. The new lineup of the band played six new songs, including "Lullaby" (as an intro said to be similar to "Renholdër" opening the sh...
July 25, 2003

Australian TV Show Puts The Heavy Metal Influence To The Test

Frances Grant of the New Zealand Herald reports that "some of society's assumptions don't stand up to rigorous scrutiny. It's easy, for example, to lay the blame for youth suicides on heavy metal rock lyrics. But do Ozzy Osbourne and the like really have the morbid effect on young people that some b...
July 22, 2003


Former FAILURE/A PERFECT CIRCLE guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, currently touring the country on Lollapalooza with QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, joined self-confessed FAILURE fanatics CAVE IN onstage at a recent tour stop in Columbus, Ohio, for a cover of FAILURE's "Magnified", according to "[FAILUR...
July 21, 2003