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THE GREAT DECEIVER Ink Deal With Peaceville Records

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Today Peaceville Records proudly announces the label's first new signing of 2002, Sweden's THE GREAT DECEIVER. Featuring vocalist Tomas Lindberg, guitarists Kristian Wahlin and Johan Osterberg, bassist Matti Lundell and drummer Hans Nilsson, the band have recently finished wor...
March 20, 2002

EIDOLON Live Radio Appearance Scheduled For Later In The Week

Metal Blade recording artists EIDOLON will be conducting a live in-studio interview on CKMS' metal radio show Space In Your Face on Thursday, March 14, 2002 from 10:00 PM until midnight Eastern Time (originating from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada on 100.3 FM). The band will be discussing their...
March 11, 2002

HATE ETERNAL Set Album Title, Prepare Festival Appearances

HATE ETERNAL, featuring MORBID ANGEL guitarist Erik Rutan and MORBID ANGEL fill-in bassist/vocalist Jared Anderson, have set King of All Kings as the title for their sophomore full-length effort, which is currently being recorded at Dimensional Sound Studio in Tampa, Florida for a late spring/early...
March 8, 2002

SOULFLY: More Details Revealed About Upcoming CD

SOULFLY's forthcoming CD is likely to be called simply III and not the previously reported Soulfly III: Enterfaith when it surfaces during the summer, according to informed sources. It is also highly unlikely that the album will be issued on the previously projected date of June 25th, with a mid-sum...
March 6, 2002

KALMAH Set To "Return" With Sophomore CD In Late April

Finland's KALMAH will issue their sophomore CD, entitled They Will Return, in the US on April 30th. Already out in the group's home country, the highly-anticipated follow-up to last year's Swamplord contains the following track listing: 01. Hollowheart 02. Swamphell 03. Principle Hero 04. Human Fate...
February 23, 2002

MARILYN MANSON Gets "Evil", Continues Work On New CD

MARILYN MANSON has revealed the titles of the four instrumental pieces that he has composed for inclusion on the forthcoming Resident Evil soundtrack, which is set to be issued through Roadrunner Records on March 12th. They are as follows: 01. Seizure Of Power 02. Cleansing 03. Reunion 04. Resident...
February 11, 2002

SLAYER Frontman Suffers Death In Family, Shows Likely Postponed

Unconfirmed reports indicate that SLAYER frontman Tom Araya was informed of his father's sudden passing following the group's headlining performance at Aerial Theatre in Houston, Texas last night, February 6th. As a result, it appears highly likely that at least the next couple of shows on SLAYER's...
February 7, 2002

FINNTROLL Frontman Steps Aside (Temporarily)

FINNTROLL frontman Katla has been forced to step aside temporarily from the vocalist duties in the band due to a growing tumor in his vocal cords. Here is the singer's official statement on the matter: Due to a tumor in my vocal cords I was not able to sing at all during the autumn. I ...
January 25, 2002

KISS To Perform At Fashion Event

The following item is a exclusive: Here's the latest on the KISS Lane Bryant event. KISS will play in NYC for this plus size women's clothing company. The performance will be during a fashion event, while models show off the new Lane Bryant line. The event is PRIVATE and will NOT...
January 19, 2002

Former ANTHRAX Frontman Not Involved With Upcoming VH1 Special

Following last week's controversy surrounding former ANTHRAX bassist Danny Lilker's non-involvement with the upcoming ANTHRAX VH1 Behind The Music special (see original report here),ex-ANTHRAX frontman Neil Turbin has confirmed that, as of this time, he has not been contacted about contributing to...
January 11, 2002

JUDAS PRIEST Reunion With Rob Halford: Just A Matter Of Time

JUDAS PRIEST fans who are desperately hoping for a reunion with vocalist Rob Halford on the group's next studio offering will be reassured by the fact that the sales of both PRIEST's and Halford's post-split efforts have gone steadily downhill since the singer announced his departure from the band b...
January 2, 2002

Honour Valour Pride

There was a time when Britain's BOLT THROWER were looked upon as one of the country's finest extreme metal exports—a band that, along with NAPALM DEATH and CARCASS, appeared the most likely candidate to give the Yanks a run for their money as the second death metal wave swept the globe in the late '...
December 30, 2001

Paul Bostaph Quits SLAYER Dave Lombardo Rejoins (At Least Temporarily)!

Original SLAYER drummer, Dave Lombardo, is confirmed to guest star with the band for the next leg of their God Hates Us All U.S. tour, beginning January 24th in New Haven, Connecticut. Due to a chronic elbow injury, Paul Bostaph, SLAYER drummer for the past several years, is leaving the band. Bostap...
December 21, 2001

Anyone for Doomsday? (scrapped promo version)

POWERMAN 5000 is like a summer blockbuster movie: loud, flashy, full of effects and spectacle, but when you're done, you barely remember any of it. ... The band's third album (or fourth, if you count The Blood Splat Rating System, the indie release that later mutated into their Dreamworks debut,...
December 17, 2001


The hardest thing for a band to do is follow up a successful debut album. Your whole career builds to that first release, you sometimes spend years honing those songs, and then after the initial success (if you're lucky, of course),you're expected to repeat the whole thing, usually in a fraction o...
December 17, 2001