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ROB ZOMBIE: I Haven't Put On A Stripped-Down Show In 12 Years

ROB ZOMBIE recently spoke to The Los Angeles Times about his reasons for playing a stripped-down show on the second stage at this year's Ozzfest rather than putting on a full performance on the main stage, where most people would have expected to see him. According to Mr. ZOMBIE, I came up with the...
April 2, 2002

TOMMY LEE Secures New Band Line-Up, Prepares To Hit The Road

Former MOTLEY CRUE drummer Tommy Lee has been joined by new guitarist J3 and drummer Will Hunt (SKRAPE, ex-STUCK MOJO) in the latest incarnation of his solo band (previously known as METHODS OF MAYHEM),whose sophomore CD, entitled Never A Dull Moment, is due to be released through MCA Records on Ma...
March 18, 2002


MACHINE HEAD frontman Robert Flynn has posted the following band update via the group's official web site at “Touring...What is it all about? “Ahhhh touring... free booze, free pizza, stinky buses, you and the crew drinking 'till 10 in the morning, walking into walls babbling,...
March 11, 2002

VARG VIKERNES Issues New Booklet

BURZUM frontman Varg Vikernes (aka Count Grishnackh),currently serving a 21-year prison sentence for the August 1993 murder of MAYHEM leader Euronymous (aka Oeystein Aarseth),has issued a 16-page booklet entitled Irminsul via Sweden's Cymophane Publishing. Priced at $/ 9, SEK NOK DKK 60, the bookl...
March 1, 2002

Ex-MOTLEY CRUE Frontman Auditions For TOMMY LEE's New Band?

Former MOTLEY CRUE frontman John Corabi auditioned (presumably in the role of guitarist) for ex-MOTLEY CRUE drummer Tommy Lee's new solo band (previously known as METHODS OF MAYHEM) on Monday, according to Metal Sludge, who cited “inside sources” for their report. ...
February 27, 2002

Former ANTHRAX Frontman Continuing Work On "Threatcon Delta"

Former ANTHRAX frontman Neil Turbin is currently at Jet City Studios finishing up vocals on a newly-recorded track from his previous band WRECKING CREW for his upcoming solo album, entitled Threatcon Delta, which is due to be released through Metal Mayhem Records in mid-2002. Mitch Perry (i.e. MSG,...
February 26, 2002

TOMMY LEE Sets First Single From Upcoming Solo CD

Former MOTLEY CRUE drummer TOMMY LEE has set "Hold Me Down" as the first single from his upcoming solo record, entitled Never A Dull Moment, which is due to be issued through MCA Records on May 21st. The single will likely hit radio in March. Never a Dull Moment is the follow-up to LEE's 1999 ...
February 1, 2002

TOMMY LEE, Girlfriend Contribute To Each Other's Albums

Former MOTLEY CRUE drummer Tommy Lee's girlfriend Mayte Garcia (also known as PRINCE's ex) makes a guest appearance on an as-yet-undisclosed track on the forthcoming album from Tommy's new project (formerly known as METHODS OF MAYHEM),which is set to issue its latest effort, entitled Never A Dull M...
January 16, 2002


METHODS OF MAYHEM, led by former MOTLEY CRUE drummer Tommy Lee, have set Never A Dull Moment as the title to their sophomore CD, which is due in stores on May 21st through MCA Records. The track listing for the effort is shaping up as follows: 01. Afterglow 02. Body Architects 03. Higher 04. Sunday...
January 15, 2002

TOTAL DEVASTATION Pen New Material, Make Comp. Appearance

Finland's TOTAL DEVASTATION have completed work on five new songs for their upcoming release, which is due later in the year. The follow-up to 2001's Divine Ecstacy EP will include the following cuts, among others: 01. Fleshing 02. Left Hand of the Devil 03. Production Peak 04. Mayhem Machine 05. Di...
January 4, 2002

MALEVOLENT CREATION Prepare To "Kill", Embark On European Tour

Florida death metallers MALEVOLENT CREATION are in the process of writing the material for their upcoming studio album, tentatively entitled The Will To Kill. In the meantime, the group have announced the dates for their upcoming European tour with IMPALED NAZARENE and CATASTROPHIC and the subsequen...
December 31, 2001


Britain's THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL have recorded three new tracks that will be included on a split 10" with Norway's MAYHEM. The MAYHEM tracks are reportedly old tracks that were originally meant to go on a compilation that, for an undisclosed reason, never saw the light of day. This will be a strictly...
December 31, 2001

Ex-ANTHRAX Singer Covers AC/DC For Debut Solo CD!

Former ANTHRAX vocalist Neil Turbin was once again at Jet City Studios laying down rhythm tracks with drummer Glenn Noyes and guitarist Kevin Layland, who reportedly provided “crushing” guitar tracks on two songs for Turbin's upcoming solo release, entitled Threat Con Delta, which is scheduled to be...
December 24, 2001

Introduction to Mayhem

Hailing from Memphis, PRIMER 55 is one of Island/Def Jam's first forays into the rap/metal genre, and to these ears, it is a rather unspectacular one. Boasting a sound that can best be described as a heavier, more aggressive early LIMP BIZKIT, PRIMER 55 are by-the-numbers rapcore that invariably rev...
December 17, 2001

Archive News Dec 06, 2001

The “MAJOR announcement” regarding the band's guitarist search that LIMP BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst had promised to make via his appearance by phone on yesterday's Total Request Live had turned out to be not much of an announcement at all. Besides plugging the group's new remix album, entitled New...
December 6, 2001