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KISS' GENE SIMMONS Announces Details Of Lecture Tour

KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons has announced the details of his upcoming five-date lecture tour of Australia, which is scheduled to take place in late October/early November. According to Simmons, "the tour is called Speaking in Tongues and is being put together by Madison, an Australian company...
August 5, 2002

LED ZEPPELIN Kid Sister Breaks Out On Her Own

Deborah Bonham, kid sister of the legendary LED ZEPPELIN drummer John Bonham, has made her latest CD, entitled Old Hyde, available via Featuring performances by Mick Fleetwood, Deborah's nephew Jason Bonham, Dougie Boyle (ex-ROBERT PLANT solo band),Robbie Blunt (ex-ROBERT PLANT solo ban...
June 19, 2002

It's Official: TESTAMENT's STEVE SMYTH Joins NEVERMORE As Touring Guitarist

NEVERMORE have officially recruited TESTAMENT guitarist Steve Smyth (also in DRAGONLORD) as a temporary replacement for former touring axeman Curran Murphy, who left the group in order to join Canada's ANNIHILATOR and continue work on his own AGGRESSION CORE project. Here is NEVERMORE's official sta...
June 12, 2002

GUNS N' ROSES Tribute CD Track Listing Finalized

The upcoming GUNS N' ROSES tribute album, due from Cleopatra Records on April 30th, will include the following track listing: 01. You're Crazy (feat. Stevie Rachelle) 02. It's So Easy (feat. Fred Coury) 03. Welcome To The Jungle (feat. Kevin DuBrow) 04. My Michelle (feat. Phil Lewis) 05. Sweet Child...
March 29, 2002

TUFF's Rachelle To Guest On SHAMELESS CD!

TUFF frontman Stevie Rachelle will be contributing vocal tracks to the new SHAMELESS CD, which is set to be recorded in January. Like the Munich, Germany-based group's previous two releases, the upcoming album will feature various musicians as guests. Among the people that had appeared on the group'...
December 25, 2001

Archive News Aug 21, 2001

SLIPKNOT have reportedly been confirmed to play this year's Halloween show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City for the second year in a row. At the present time, no support acts have yet been announced, but MUDVAYNE and TYPE O NEGATIVE are rumored to be taking part in the night's festiviti...
August 21, 2001

Archive News Aug 17, 2001

Former VOIVOD bassist/vocalist Eric Forrest has confirmed to BLABBERMOUTH.NET that he is currently working on a brand new project called E-FORCE (as first reported here on August 7th),in which he is accompanied by guitarist Bryan Donahue (formerly of HOMICIDE) and guitarist/drum programmer Dan Lau...
August 17, 2001

Archive News Jul 13, 2001

CRADLE OF FILTH have issued a statement slamming their US label, Spitfire Records, for not releasing an “enhanced” version of the group's current album, Bitter Suites To Succubi, and failing to inform the band of the change in plans. According to the statement, “the USA version of the BSTS CD sho...
July 13, 2001

Archive News May 26, 2001

Thrash Of The Titans publicist/co-organizer Jerry Allen has sent us the following update on the benefit concert for TESTAMENT vocalist Chuck Billy (tentatively scheduled to take place on August 11th at San Francisco's Maritime Hall),who was recently diagnosed with cancer: ... 'We are seeking a larg...
May 26, 2001

Archive News May 24, 2001

BLACK SABBATH previewed the brand new track 'Scary Dreams' in front of 2,600 fans at a charity homecoming gig at Birmingham Academy on Tuesday night, May 22nd. Described as a haunting, threatening-sounding cut with a hypnotic chorus not dissimilar to that of 'Electric Funeral', 'Scary Dreams' is rep...
May 24, 2001

Archive News Mar 08, 2001 - update 3

INTERNAL BLEEDING's fourth full-length album, Hatefuel, will be recorded in June of this year and released through Olympic Recordings around September/October. To tide the band's fans over until then, Olympic Recordings will be issuing a CD containing INTERNAL BLEEDING's Invocation of Evil and Perpe...
March 8, 2001

Archive News Mar 07, 2001 - update 2

PANTERA will reportedly be mounting a festival-sized summer tour that is also rumored to include SLAYER, STATIC-X, ROB HALFORD, C.O.C. and MORBID ANGEL, with other major acts to be announced when the complete bill is unveiled in early April. THE TIME BOMBS is the name of the new band of Johnny Jetso...
March 7, 2001

Archive News Mar 06, 2001 - update 1

ILL NINO's upcoming debut CD, Revolution Revolucion, is due to be remixed by Eddie Wohl and Scrap 60 Productions in time for its tentative release date of June 19th through the Roadrunner label. The album was produced by Ron St. Germain (311, CREED, U2, SOUNDGARDEN, BAD BRAINS) and it is presently s...
March 6, 2001

Archive News Mar 05, 2001 - update 2

Although not yet officially confirmed, it appears all but certain that Atlanta's STUCK MOJO have disbanded, with guitarist Rich Ward, drummer Bud Fonsere and bassist Dan Dryden focusing all their attention on SICK SPEED (when they're not busy backing up WWF wrestler Chris Jericho in FOZZY, that is),...
March 5, 2001

Archive News Mar 04, 2001 - update 2

In a very revealing interview published in the April edition of Playboy magazine, members of METALLICA offered a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the band, including the reasons behind bassist Jason Newsted's eventual departure from the group (the interview itself was done in November 2000—tw...
March 4, 2001