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DEE SNIDER Is 'Mortified' By Thought Of His Granddaughter Having 'No Right To Choose What Happens To Her Own Body'

TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider, who was famously called to testify before the U.S. Senate against the proposition to have warning labels be placed on albums deemed "offensive" to listeners, has once again spoken about the rise of political correctness in the social media era. Asked by Dane Studi...
October 25, 2023

TOBIAS FORGE On Upcoming GHOST Movie: 'It's Going To Be A Film With A Concert Element'

GHOST leader Tobias Forge has confirmed that footage from the band's recent two shows at the Forum in Inglewood, California will be used as part of a future film project. "When I first started putting it together, I was, like, 'Oh my god, I'm going to faint because there's so much to think about,'"...
October 11, 2023

Impii Hora

Every discerning VOLBEAT fan knows about Michael Poulsen's dark past. Prior to conquering the world with an inspired mixture of massive riffs and rock 'n' roll crooning, the Dane was guitarist and frontman with DOMINUS: a scabrous, pure-breed death metal band, with little in the way of rockabilly vi...
September 26, 2023

VOLBEAT's MICHAEL POULSEN Proves He's A Death Metal Lifer With ASINHELL: 'It's In My DNA'

By David E. Gehlke VOLBEAT founding member and vocalist/guitarist Michael Poulsen practically turns into a giddy teenager when talking about classic death metal. It's a side that likely many of VOLBEAT's rock radio-loving fans will never get to see, but to the underground denizens who bought everyth...
August 28, 2023

Celebrate 50 Years Of AC/DC With New Monopoly From The Op

Usaopoly (The Op),the board game and puzzle publisher behind iconic licensed games and best-selling party games Telestrations, Blank Slate and Hues And Cues, today launched the most rocking version of the classic board game yet with Monopoly: AC/DC Collector's Edition. Bringing one of the world's m...
July 14, 2023

MOTÖRHEAD Guitarist's PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS Announce New Album 'Kings Of The Asylum'

PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS, the band featuring MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Phil Campbell alongside his sons Todd, Dane and Tyla, will release its third album, "Kings Of The Asylum", on September 1 through Nuclear Blast Records. It will be PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS' first studio release to f...
June 22, 2023

IRON MAIDEN Teams Up With THE OP GAMES For First-Ever 'Monopoly: Somewhere On Tour' Edition

Usaopoly (The Op Games),the board game and puzzle publisher behind iconic licensed games and best-selling party games Telestrations, Blank Slate and Hues And Cues, has teamed up with IRON MAIDEN, one of heavy metal's most prolific and influential bands of all time, and global leader in play Hasbro...
June 15, 2023

Ex-SLIPKNOT Percussionist CHRIS FEHN On His Time With The Band: 'The Fans Were The Only Part That Was Great For Me'

Former SLIPKNOT percussionist Chris Fehn gave his first interview since his exit from the band to "Drum For The Song", the podcast hosted by Dane Campbell, son of ex-MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Phil Campbell. During the chat, which can be seen below, Chris was asked if he had any message for the SLIPKNOT fa...
June 2, 2023


Rock 'n' roll legend Ian Hunter has announced the release of his landmark new album, "Defiance Part 1", arriving via the Sun Records label on Friday, April 21, 2023. Easily among the most star-studded original albums ever recorded, "Defiance Part 1" sees Hunter joined by the late, great Jeff Beck, J...
January 20, 2023

DEVIN TOWNSEND Explains Why He Turned Down Chance To Audition For JUDAS PRIEST

Devin Townsend has confirmed that he was on the list of candidates when JUDAS PRIEST was looking for a new vocalist to fill the massive shoes of Rob Halford in the early 1990s. The 50-year-old Canadian musician/producer discussed the hypothetical pairing during an appearance on the latest episode of...
January 5, 2023

KING DIAMOND On MERCYFUL FATE's Comeback: This Is 'Absolutely Not A Reunion'

King Diamond has once again clarified that MERCYFUL FATE's current comeback shouldn't be viewed as a "reunion" of the influential Danish heavy metal act. When it was announced in 2019 that MERCYFUL FATE would reform for an unspecified number of concerts throughout Europe during the summer of 2020, i...
August 24, 2022


Looking back, it's remarkable how many classic hard rock artists' legendary albums were released in rapid succession. The first six KISS studio records were issued over a span of just 40 months; "Paranoid" came out only seven months after BLACK SABBATH's debut, with "Master of Reality" following a s...
August 12, 2022

KING DIAMOND Says 'There Are Reasons' MICHAEL DENNER Isn't Involved In MERCYFUL FATE Comeback

King Diamond has commented on guitarist Michael Denner's exclusion from MERCYFUL FATE's current "reunion." When it was announced in 2019 that the influential Danish heavy metal act would reunite for an unspecified number of concerts throughout Europe during the summer of 2020, it was revealed that M...
August 5, 2022


Video of MERCYFUL FATE's July 1 performance at the Barcelona Rock Fest at the Parc de Can Zam in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, just twenty minutes from the center of Barcelona, Spain, can be seen below. The influential Danish metallers' 11-song set included a brand new track, "The Jackl Of Salzburg", wh...
July 6, 2022

W.A.S.P.'s DOUGLAS BLAIR Delivers Shred Clinic For U.S. Coast Guard Personnel At Air Station In San Diego (Video)

On June 28, in the cacophonous confines of a 1930s-era seaplane hangar, guitarist/vocalist Douglas Blair, known for his searing shreds with W.A.S.P., performed a set of tunes for U.S. Coast Guard Air Station San Diego's uniformed first responders. Playing in front of a massive American flag, Blair's...
July 2, 2022