A PERFECT CIRCLE Drummer Praises The Group's Latest Additions

August 10, 2003

A PERFECT CIRCLE drummer Josh Freese recently spoke to Cleveland Scene about the latest additions to the group's lineup, bassist Jeordie White (a.k.a. Twiggy Ramirez, ex-MARILYN MANSON) and guitarist James Iha (ex-SMASHING PUMPKINS).

"Jeordie is a really, really great, confident bass player," he said. And as a drummer, I can tell a good bass player right off the bat. He's been terrific. And James is just a great textural player — exactly what this band needed. Not just a rock and roll guy, but a guy who can go out and play interesting sounds and bring a heavy touch and a light touch at the same time."

Due to singer Maynard James Keenan's involvement with TOOL, A PERFECT CIRCLE have a difficult time keeping a lineup intact, and album-writing isn't much easier.

"A lot of this record was done with just [guitarist] Billy [Howerdel] and I, when Maynard was out on the road with TOOL and before we had Geordie or James," Freese said of the group's upcoming sophomore album, "Thirteenth Step". "Then Maynard got off the road, he kind of came back and said, 'God, these songs right here are great, these songs over here I'm not feeling and can't really write anything to, these songs are good, but have to be reapproached.'

"We almost re-recorded the whole second record once Maynard was home, just because he had a lot of good input on it. We'd been holed up in Billy's house for so long, Maynard was a good second opinion, a new ear to walk in and go, 'Okay, you guys have kind of been going crazy down in this basement for the last year, let someone else help steer you a little bit, before you completely lose your minds." Read more.

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