ABORTED Prepare To Record New Album, Tour Europe With IMMOLATION

October 29, 2004

Belgian gory death metallers ABORTED have posted the following message on their official web site:

"We've been very very busy with writing the new album. The concept and title are already taken care of by now, but we'll keep that for ourselves for the time being. Riffs are flying around and we're putting pieces together as we speak. It'll be exciting to get everything done by the time we go terrorize [producer] Tue Madsen [at Antfarm Studios in Denmark], haha!

"Good news is that Mr. J from HATESPHERE is going to do some guest vocals on the album, and another guest, which we will announce soon as well. All I can say is that I'm fucking thrilled to have those persons growl along on this new album!! Artwork is in the making so we'll probably hit you with samples next month or so.

"To those of you who heard about us being on the No Mercy festivals... Well we are no longer on them, label politics or something like that... Anyways we WILL see you on the road since we'll be embarking on a full European tour with our friends of IMMOLATION! So keep your eyes open for updates!"

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