AC/DC's BRIAN JOHNSON On BON SCOTT: 'We Still Talk About Him Like He's A Member Of The Band'

May 30, 2011

Matt Manochio of USA Today recently conducted an interview with AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson. A few excerpts from the chat follow below.

On meeting AC/DC's previous singer Bon Scott in the western part of the British Isles in 1974 when Johnson was a member of GEORDIE and Scott was in a supporting act:

"[Bon] was up on stage singing, and we met and had a couple of beers. He watched us play, and God bless his cotton socks again, when he did join AC/DC he was talking to the boys and he did say something to the effect that the only rock singer that he'd seen that was worth a damn was me, which was really nice of him, and the boys never forgot that."

On the upcoming 30th-anniversary edition Blu-ray/DVD of "Let There Be Rock", the 1979 AC/DC concert filmed in Paris a few months before Bon Scott died and which premiered theatrically after Johnson joined AC/DC:

"They showed me this movie that they just finished, and I saw it and it's a wonderful insight into Bon Scott.

"If you want to understand the band, then you'll understand this when you see Bon Scott with the boys when they were young and just starting out, and (thinking) you never know what the future holds. You can tell these guys just wanted to rock 'n' roll."

On Bon Scott:

"I think he embodied everything that was fun, everything that was like 'never say die, live life to the full.' And he had a terrible thing happen to him when he passed on. He wasn't a wild, wild, wild man he was just as wild as the other boys were. He was just unlucky. We've all done stupid, dumb things where we're young, but we got away with it. He didn't. It was just one of them stupid things that shouldn't have happened, and it was accidental and it was stupid. And I just won't have a bad word said against him. We still talk about him like he's a member of the band in the dressing room."

On the prospect of AC/DC touring again:

"It's not like we're unfit, but I can't see why we wouldn't tour again. I don't think we could do two years again [like we did in support of 'Black Ice']. That was brutal that was really brutal.

"We didn't set out to do two years. We just did it the same way. It just got bigger and bigger and we were just like 'what the hell's happening here?' and we enjoyed every minute of it."

Read the entire interview from USA Today.

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