ALICE IN CHAINS Bassist: DIO 'Was A Leader And A Wonderful, Wonderful Human Being'

May 28, 2010

BLABBERMOUTH.NET has received the following statement from ALICE IN CHAINS bassist Mike Inez regarding the passing of legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (DIO, HEAVEN & HELL, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW):

"I've never met a person in this profession who has inspired me more than Ronnie James Dio. He was just a great example of a man who not only loved the craft of making music but also he walked proudly through this crazy business with his head up and his shoulders back. Elegant. Professional. This man was a leader and a wonderful, wonderful human being. We are all very fortunate that he was one of those great men that truly found his calling in his life. He found his voice early on and spent his whole life sharing his journey with us. Trying his best every night to make our days just a little bit better, a little more magical. We were lucky to see and hear this great man traveling around the planet, plying his trade. Being a craftsman. Being... well, just being Ronnie.

"To just say that Ronnie Dio was a 'legend' or an 'icon,' ironically, would be selling this man extremely short.

"Even though he left us with an astounding and incredible body of work, his greatest gift is simply that he was 'one of us'... all of us. Or at least that good part in us that we should all try to nurture and grow."

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