ALICE IN CHAINS Guitarist: 'It Continues To Feel Right To Move Forward'

July 21, 2009

ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist Jerry Cantrell has told MTV News that he and his bandmates are confident they can recapture the magic that made ALICE IN CHAINS one of the most influential acts of the 1990s.

"We've seen the crossed arms for the first couple of songs," related Cantrell of their recent shows. "[But] then, by the end, people are having fun. They've let go of whatever personal reservations they may've had, and they're seeing why we're doing this."

The decision to reform ALICE IN CHAINS with COMES WITH THE FALL singer William DuVall taking co-vocalist duties with Cantrell was a difficult one for the group, which also includes original members Sean Kinney and Mike Inez. The trio had frantically tried to save Staley from a devastating drug addiction, and his passing left the band shaken beyond repair.

"When Layne [died], I doubt we even thought about doing this," Kinney told MTV News. "We never thought about getting a new singer. It wasn't an option and it wasn't how we went about this. We just slowly took little steps until it felt right."

"We hadn't committed to do anything after that initial charity show that we did [in 2005]," Cantrell explained. "Playing that show with a group of friends, including William, seemed to cough up a real fucking shitball of fucking grief. It was something that we had been walking around with, and something that we chose not to discuss in public. It was a private matter for us. So it's something we couldn't take lightly and we knew we didn't have to do. It just continued to feel right enough to continue trying, and it continues to feel right to move forward."

Read the entire article from MTV News.

Fan-filmed video footage of ALICE IN CHAINS performing the song "No Excuses" live this past Saturday (July 18) at Comerica Park in Detroit as special guests of KID ROCK can be viewed below.

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