December 1, 2009

Colorado's ALLEGAEON (pronounced: uh-lee-juhn) has joined forces with Metal Blade Records.

Formed in early summer 2008, ALLEGAEON quickly spread its brand extreme metal locally, nationally and internationally, with many accolades from fans. The band's 2008 EP was produced by local studio magic man Dave Otero (CEPHALIC CARNAGE, MARTRIDEN, COBALT) and contained only four songs. Despite this, ALLEGAEON managed to captivate an entire new legion of dedicated supporters worldwide and with a live show that is as engaging as any, is sure to win over many more fans to come.

Commented the band: "We all are super-stoked to be a part of this legendary label. Metal Blade to us is the past, present and future of metal. With new tunes that will be equally crushing and catchy, we look forward to producing an album that will most definitely turn heads."

With a genre stuffed to the brim with countless copycats and pretenders, ALLEGAEON has come to the table with a dynamic, memorable and focused take on extreme melodic metal. You'll find just as many slow grooves and hook-laden riffs as you will blast beats. This is a band that focuses on song writing and less on making music into an athletic speed competition. Their music is rounded with an intellectual edge that's forged by the band's collective musical prowess and polished by Ezra Hayne's thought provoking lyrics. Once again, Denver's own Dave Otero will be at the production helm for their Metal Blade debut, which is slated for sometime in the second quarter of 2010.

ALLEGAEON video for the song "Nex Of Terra", taken from the group's four-song EP, can be viewed below.


Ezra Haynes - Vocals
Ryan Glisan - Guitar
Greg Burgess - Guitar
Corey Archuleta - Bass
Jordon Belfast - Drums

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