ALTER BRIDGE Talks To Germany's (Video)

September 11, 2013 recently conducted an interview with Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy of ALTER BRIDGE in Berlin, Germany. You can now watch the chat below.

ALTER BRIDGE's long-awaited fourth album, "Fortress", will be released on October 8 via EMI Label Services. The CD was helmed by longtime ALTER BRIDGE producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette, known for his work with FALLING IN REVERSE, STORY OF THE YEAR and INCUBUS, to name a few.

Regarding the overall sound of the new album, Kennedy told the "Classic Rock Magazine Show": "A lot of the material initially was very intense, so the lyric to go along with that and keep it congruent touches on subject matter like betrayal quite often. That wasn't so much an emotion I was feeling, but I was seeing it with people around me in my life, things that were happened to people, so I essentially chose to write about that."

Kennedy also revealed that ALTER BRIDGE took some risks on "Fortress" and experimented with the arrangements of the songs a lot more than they had in the past.

"During the process of taking chances, it's very risky because when you fall, you fall hard," he explained. "I think some of it was luck on this record. We allowed ourselves a very short window of time to arrange the record. As writers, we'd been stockpiling ideas for the better part of a year, but as far as the way we arranged the songs and the twists and turns we took, we weren't really sure how that was going to turn out. Fortunately, we feel like we landed on our feet."

He added in an another interview: "'Fortress' is a musical snapshot of a specific period of time. We didn't allow ourselves the luxury of over-thinking and over-analyzing. That is what makes this record so special to me. When I listen to these songs, everything sounds fresh and unencumbered by the sound of beating arrangements into the ground. There is spontaneity.

"We try to push ourselves musically with each record, but we opted to veer further from some of the standard approaches we'd used for writing and arranging songs in the past. That said, we still tried to maintain the ALTER BRIDGE sound."

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