July 6, 2017

DYNAZTY's Nils Molin has joined AMARANTHE as the replacement for the recently departed singer Joacim "Jake E" Lundberg.

Having previously used Chris Adam Hedman Sörbye from the band SMASH INTO PIECES as a stand-in for Jake on some of the shows in 2016 and earlier this year, AMARANTHE recruited Molin for three Swedish concerts in March and he has been part of the group's live appearances ever since.

AMARANTHE guitarist Olof Mörck said in a statement: "Great news! The AMARANTHE lineup is once again complete — and what an addition Nils Molin is! He was at the very top of the list for the male-vocals position, and has already proved his worth on a number of shows with AMARANTHE across Europe.

"Nils is a born rock star in every aspect yet with a natural sense of humility, and is certain to leave no fan disappointed! He has gathered a vast amount of experience together with DYNAZTY, and as such has honed his performance skills to perfection; since stepping in, he is already a natural part of the lineup.

"Catch Nils on our upcoming European tour, or any of the planned shows for 2017 — and expect great things to come out of this soon!"

AMARANTHE frontwoman Elize Ryd previously told Roppongi Rocks that Nils was "a cool and great guy. He's awesome. His voice fits us really well. He can even reach the high octaves together with me. That [is] cool!"

Ryd also revealed that she was not expecting Jake's departure from AMARANTHE. "No!" she said. "The way I feel for the band, this was shocking. I would never want to leave my baby. But I understand that if he has other musical ideas. It's up to him. No one's forcing anyone to do anything. It's like everything in life — you take risks. If you feel that you're prepared to go for it, then that's what you should do. If you feel that you have nothing to lose, then it is nothing to dwell on."

Jake E announced his departure from AMARANTHE in February, explaining at the time that he began to feel that "my place both on the albums and live was reduced; I felt like I was superfluous… I started to feel more like a backing singer." He has since launched a new band called CYHRA with former IN FLAMES members Peter Iwers (bass) and Jesper Strömblad (guitar) alongside LUCA TURILLI'S RHAPSODY drummer Alex Landenburg,

AMARANTHE's latest album, "Maximalism", was released last October via Spinefarm Records. The disc was produced once again by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, EPICA, DELAIN) and mastered by Svante Forsbäck (RAMMSTEIN, APOCALYPTICA, DRAGONFORCE).

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