AMEN's CASEY CHAOS: We Will Get The New Album Back From Virgin

April 5, 2002

In a recent interview with Mary Anne Hobbs of BBC Radio One's Rock Show, AMEN frontman Casey Chaos elaborated on the present status of the group's recently-recorded third full-length album, which was paid for by Virgin Records before the label unceremoniously dropped the band. According to Chaos, “the main issue is that we've recorded one album for Virgin and we've recorded since then two albums worth of material and that's the end of it. Right now were just in the middle of all the ugly political corporate propaganda. We're meeting with a bunch of labels and whoever is passionate about the band is who we'll go with. The thing about Virgin... and anyone who's in the business knows this B.S., is that when we started the record, there was this lady called Nancy Berry who ran the label, who was an incredible visionary of music and she ended up getting fired and the whole corporation turned upside down... and we didn't want to be a part of that kind of system. We got a lot of support from Virgin when we were with them, and we're grateful... we wish them the best in their new direction.”

“We've made a lot of mistakes but we're not going to put on a suit and tie and put on an act... I look back at all the stupid crap I did and I wouldn't take anything back - all the injuries and the insults.. we will continue as long as the passion's there... The bottom line is (as far as Virgin are concerned) if you don't want to put a record out, don't put the band in the studio... it's like having a baby and somebody takes it from you, it's a labor of love, your heart on tape.

“We will get this album back one way or another. From what my manager told me... [due to the] petition [from the fans that is being circulated via the Internet] and a lot of mail people were getting... Virgin from what I understand is being very co-operative 'cos they see all the support that we have from the fans. It seems like its actually made a change. That's the one thing I'm proud about being in this band.”

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