AMEN Singer Rejects Ex-Guitarist's 'Fraud' Accusations

September 17, 2004

AMEN frontman Casey Chaos has disputed the claims of his former bandmate Matt Montgomery branding him a "fraud" and claiming that he "hadn't been paid for two years."

Speaking to the U.K.'s Metal Hammer magazine, Chaos said, "It's all lies. Anyone who read the recent Metal Hammer cover feature I did with Daron from SYSTEM OF A DOWN knows what this band is all about. I supported that guy for two years. It caused a lot of strain between myself and my girlfriend. He lived free at my home for two years and he want's to complain about it? Dude, he doesn't know how hard it is being in a real band.

"As for not getting paid, I can't really go into that right now. We got ripped off pretty bandy by someone and I can't say who 'cos we've hired a lawyer to investigate it. But as soon as I can talk about it you're gonna be the first to know. Dude, this band is like MOTÖRHEAD or the RAMONES and no little clown like him is gonna split this band up!"

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