AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE: 27 New Songs And Counting

October 6, 2002

AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE are working on working on no less than 27 tracks for their as-yet-untitled new studio album, due late next year through American Recordings.

"I think it's gonna develop naturally," bassist Chad Hanks told Metal Hammer about the concept behind the upcoming CD. "The record is still very much in its embryonic stages, it's still growing and evolving. It's not going to be a planned concept album like say MARILYN MANSON would do, it'll naturally find its own identity."

According to Hanks, the band are hoping to once again work with American Recordings boss Rick Rubin (SLAYER, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS) on their upcoming CD.

"We get on really well with Rick," Chad said. "He's a really easy going person. If you have any semblance of downtoearthness - if that's even a word - you'll gel really well with him. He's a real mellow, mellow guy. We're lobbying to go back to the Houdini house where we recorded The War Of Art, although I don't think they'll have us back!

"When we went in to do our last album we started working with our old drummer, and then he didn't work out so we had to get Chris [Emery] to do it and it took a month to get him up to speed. We spent four and a half months trying to get on track and they're a bit wary to let us do that again. But I'm trying to convince them. If we get pre-production done here in Minneapolis we can be in the house three months and we're out. And not like another nine months like last time!"

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