August 29, 2003

ANNIHILATOR/PRIMAL FEAR drummer Randy Black has issued a statement addressing his departure from REBELLION, the German band featuring former GRAVE DIGGER members Uwe Lulis (guitar) and Tommi Goettlich (bass).

"There has been some confusion in the last days about the future of REBELLION," begins Randy's statement. "I'd like to state my point of view:

"As you all know I started out as the drummer for ANNIHILATOR when Uwe asked me to join REBELLION. Playing in both bands was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed working with Uwe, Tommi, Michael and Björn. They treated me very well and the only negative thing I can say about REBELLION is that there was not enough work. I'm a full time musician, I don't have a 'daytime job' to fall back on. These are the dates that we did with both bands in the last two years:

"2002 ANNIHILATOR: 29 shows, REBELLION: 12 shows, 10 days recording. 2003 ANNIHILATOR: 11 shows REBELLION: 3 shows.

"So when PRIMAL FEAR made me a great offer to play with them I gladly accepted. Unfortunately PF sent out a press release before I had a chance to talk to Uwe in person. I regret profoundly that this happened, it was a mistake on my part. I never meant to 'betray' anyone or to be insincere.

"I would like to let it be known that it was not my choice to leave REBELLION. I personally believe it is possible to coordinate the activities of the 3 bands, I also don't have any ideological problems playing in the three bands as they're all respected musicians and decent people.

"But I have to accept Tommi's and Uwe's decision to replace me. I want to make it clear that I don't have any bad feelings towards any of them! On the contrary - I like and respect them all very much! I wish them all the best for the future and I know they'll put out a killer third CD!"

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