ANTHRAX: "Behind The Music" War Of Words Continues

January 13, 2002

In the continuing saga that is Billy Milano/Danny Lilker vs. Scott Ian/Charlie Benante over the upcoming VH1Behind The Music special on ANTHRAX (read our original report on the subject here),S.O.D. frontman Milano has posted yet another message on the Metal Maniacs magazine message board under the heading “The Truth Behind My Anger At ANTHRAX” (original thread can be viewed at this location) clarifying his position on the way Ian and Benante have handled the filming of the upcoming documentary and other internal band issues related to S.O.D., the group that Milano shares with the above-mentioned ANTHRAX pair and former ANTHRAX bassist Danny Lilker. Here is Milano's posting in its entirety:

“First off, let's get one thing straight. If anyone feels I'm being unfair to Charlie and Scott, then just watch the S.O.D. video and see how I bust Lilker's balls — I may be a lot of things, but a sucker I have been for the last time. I received a phone call from my friend and accountant Murray Richman one day in 99'. He explained that Scott and Charlie and Danny were writing for a new S.O.D. record. I told him flat out — I would not have anything to do with it simply because I had established my management co., Brand X Entertainment, and had been very content with the life, 'I HAD WORKED HARD FOR THE LAST 7 YEARS', and had absolutely no desire to do S.O.D. Don't get me wrong, I love to do that band, But I had given them a chance to do it in '97 and Scott said ANTHRAX was his priority. This is documented on the DVD. So after Murray's contacting me for 3 months and Scott's continual begging for me to do it, because he needed the money, I finally had a meeting with everyone and Murray. It went as follows: If I do this, and you guys don't tour, I'm gonna f.cking be pissed because everything I worked for was going to be for nothing if I do this. Simply — all my bands [that I was managing], with the exception of AGNOSTIC FRONT, stood by my decision to live my dream. Danny Lilker and I, as well as the people who actually waited to see S.O.D., were gonna get the chance to finally live it. We ALL waited 15 years to do this band, and the fans were cool enough to wait to see us be idiots. After the record and 2 shows — the Dynamo club and the Dynamo Open Air, f.cking Charlie Benante has a hissy fit because I was hanging out with [SLAYER drummer] Dave Lombardo and he's so f.cking insecure that he calls a meeting at 1 AM after we play to 50,000 people and announces he doesn't want to do S.O.D. anymore. FACT! Lilker was so pissed he went nuts and told Charlie he was a dick for screwing the S.O.D. fans and US again. I personally think Charlie is a great drummer — but as a person? What the do you think I think?! After I dropped everything and tried to follow MY dream — that I earned — they f.cked me again. We did some touring because no one was interested in ANTHRAX. IMO [in my opinion]. So once again Lilker and I get f.cked and so do you, the fans of S.O.D. And I just will not take it no more. Scott is too busy to do anything for anyone but himself, even though he is actually a good guy deep down, This sh.t with VH1 was the final [straw]. OK, I'm not Lilker's lawyer, but I am his friend. Danny is not the kind of guy who would start sh.t with Scott and Charlie, However, I am. I never even got an e-mail saying ANTHRAX are going to be on VH1Behind The Music, are you interested [in participating]? Nothing. And now Scott is calling Lilker to cover his ass so he doesn't look like a scumbag. Well, too late. Your true colors show, Scott. When you called me, I was there for you. NOW YOU F.CKED UP. ANTHRAX did nothing but steal ideas from me to further themselves. Their stupid jam shorts, where did they get that? I'll tell you. At the S.O.D. record release party in '85 at my house, I was speaking to Gary Meskil from the CRUMBSUCKERS (he is now in PRO-PAIN, and will verify this [account]),and [I] told him he should wear those shorts on stage because they were cool and no one ever did that. Next thing, ANTHRAX [are] wearing jam shorts on stage. And moshing, oh, yeah — if it wasn't for Roger Miret from [AGNOSTIC FRONT] and me, they would have never been able to walk into a [CBGBs] hardcore matinee, let alone steal the New York Hardcore logo and try to copyright it. Oh yeah, that is another time I saved their ass from getting the sh.t kicked out of them. All I have to say is, F.CK SCOTT and F.CK CHARLIE. Just to show you I'm not a bad guy — although Lilker and I were royally dissed again, we have no animosity towards Frankie [Bello, ANTHRAX bassist] and John [Bush, ANTHRAX vocalist], who are victims as well. They have to rely on those 2 scumbags to make a living. I'd hate to be in their shoes! Oh sh.t, I was… A final thought WHO would be a good team to replace Scott and Charlie. I have had enough! And I want to do S.O.D. and have some fun. I think Lilker, the FANS and I have earned it!”

Meanwhile, Danny Lilker's wife Heather Lilker has posted the following update on Danny's presumed non-involvement with the upcoming Behind The Music special via the Relapse Records message board (as part of a thread that can be viewed in its entirety at this location):

“After all this Internet sh.t going on between here, Metal Maniacs board and that blabbermouth site. It has gotten back to Scott and Charlie they have both e-mailed Dan concerning all this sh.t.

“Like I said in my 'I've watched too many X files' thread that I started on Friday that has since been hella buried somewhere on this [Relapse Records] board, I was voluntarily given the producer's name/office and cell numbers for the VH1 show on ANTHRAX by a friend of ours that was quite surprised also that Danny wasn't interviewed for the show.

“Anyhow after I received this information, I (being bored as usual when Dan is at work) started a thread — which I later deleted — once the e-mails started to pour in. My thread was that I had this guys name and number - woohoo!

“So not a half an hour after posting the thread, Dan finally heard back from Scott after not hearing from him for 2 weeks.

“So my paranoia kicks in...Is Scott lurking the Relapse UBB or does the person who gave my the number give the producer a call and say 'just to give you a heads up I gave your number to Danny Lilker — one of the founding members of ANTHRAX' and the producer would go to Scott and say 'So who is this Danny Lilker person anyhow?'

“It was really strange timing on Scott's part to finally after all this time to get back to Danny.

“So...of course Scott and Charlie have said that they will continue to look into getting Danny on the show.

“Well 2 days later [January 12th], they both get back to Danny with 2 completely different stories. One was 'no dude sorry we can't get you on because of budgets and time' - I wonder who said that one. And the other was, I talked to the people about you and it is still a possibility.

“Hmmm… who do you believe?

“At this point Danny has said if the VH1 people do call — which we know they won't — he will not do the show.”

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