ANTHRAX Drummer: 'I Always Hated The Idea Of BUSH Being President'

June 6, 2004

ANTHRAX's official German web site,, has posted an interview with ANTHRAX members Charlie Benante (drums),Scott Ian (guitar) and temporary bassist Joey Vera. What follows are a few excerpts from that interview: I promised you sometime ago that I will not ask you anything about the split with Frank. But I want to ask if you think Joey could full fill [former bassist] Frank [Bello]'s position in the band and on stage.

Charlie Benante: "They are two different performers. Frankie is great and he was a big part of ANTHRAX's live show. Joey is a great player, performer and he's a great guy to be around. This is where we are at this point in our career — let's see what happens in a few months."

Scott Ian: "He already has. The shows in Japan and Australia were great. Joey is a great player and a great performer and we are lucky that he was able to step in on such short notice. Frank was a major part of the band and Joey was the only guy we could think of that had enough experience to do it justice." Also some politics, I think we all agree that the Iraq [policy] of George W. Bush in the moment is NOT correct, but do you personally Kerry will change it in case he [becomes] President?

Charlie Benante: "I have always hated the idea of Bush being our President from DAY 1. I am embarrassed at some of the things that he and his group of idiots have done. I am an American and proud of that but one thing that bothers me is how foreigners look at all AMERICANS and think that we all must be as fucked up as our President. We don't all think alike, we have our own views on certain things. I want nothing more than peace in this world, that's something to fight for."

Scott Ian: "No, not drastically. Hopefully he will realize that our troops do not belong there and that there is nothing we could ever do to really bring peace to that region. It's a huge mess to have to clean up."

Joey Vera: "I don't know. But I do know that he'll have a hell of a time trying. It's been so fucked up by Bush that he's leaving a big mess for whoever comes in to clean up. Either way, Bush has got to go."

Read the entire interview at this location.

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