ANTHRAX's JOEY BELLADONNA Offers Tips On What Not To Do When Meeting A Rock Star (Video)

January 26, 2017

ANTHRAX singer Joey Belladonna recently stopped by the studio of the TK99 classic rock radio station in Syracuse, New York to give Gomez and Lisa some tips on how not to act around your favorite celebrity. Check out the clip below.

Belladonna, whose most recent return to ANTHRAX was officially announced in May 2010, was originally the lead singer of ANTHRAX from 1984 to 1992, and was considered part of the band's classic lineup (alongside Dan Spitz, Scott Ian, Frank Bello and Charlie Benante),which reunited and toured during 2005 and 2006. His voice was featured on over 10 albums, which reportedly sold eight million copies worldwide.

Belladonna regularly plays gigs in upstate New York with his classic-rock covers band called CHIEF BIG WAY. The group, which features Belladonna on drums and vocals, is rounded out by Dave Mickelson on bass, Joe Precourt on guitar and John Goodwin on keyboards.

In a 2011 interview with Attention Deficit Delirium, Belladonna stated about CHIEF BIG WAY: "It's a three-piece, sometimes a four-piece with keyboards. We play TRIUMPH, DEEP PURPLE, RUSH, VAN HALEN, LED ZEPPELIN, THE WHO, PINK FLOYD, HENDRIX, CREAM, all classic stuff. We also do PRIEST, SABBATH and DIO. It's all older, straight-up-hits-type stuff. I'm on the drums with the [vocal] headset. There are no props and no gimmicks. I sing the whole night."

Asked if it's difficult to sing and play drums at the same time, Belladonna said: "It's not an easy thing. I never thought that I would sing and play 'Tom Sawyer' [RUSH] at the same time. Something that you think is easy to play is often not. 'Heartbreaker' by LED ZEPPELIN has so many different [drum] accents that have nothing to do with the song vocally. It's a good challenge."

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