ANTHRAX's JOHN BUSH: 'BILLY MILANO Has A Lot Of Problems He Needs To Sort Out'

April 14, 2003

ANTHRAX vocalist John Bush has slammed former S.O.D. and current M.O.D. frontman Billy Milano over the latter's "bigoted" comments about ANTHRAX guitarist and Milano's former S.O.D. bandmate Scott Ian, saying that Billy "has a lot of problems he needs to sort out" and dismissing Milano's persistent criticism of ANTHRAX as containing not "one ounce of credibility." When asked by Chris Akin from if he was bothered by Milano's attacks on ANTHRAX after Bush had been so supportive of Scott and Charlie Benante's involvement with S.O.D., John replied, "I don't know where he's coming from with that. I think Billy just has a lot of problems he needs to sort out. For whatever reason, he has a lot of animosity toward, in particular, Scott and Charlie, and… I don't know. When they did S.O.D., I think that they kind of had a similar viewpoint on what I did with [ARMORED] SAINT, and maybe he had a different outlook on it all, and he got kind of bitter and pissed off when the reality was for [Scott and Charlie] to go back to ANTHRAX. Or who knows?! He was so angry and frustrated about this whole 'Behind The Music' thing, and basically became [former ANTHRAX bassist] Dan Lilker's spokesperson, which was ridiculous. But, I really don't know… I kind of stayed out of it. I do know that he said some harsh things, and I think that some of his bigoted comments were just bullshit. [My reaction was like] 'C'mon, dude. What are you doing with this? Where are you going with this?' Billy is somebody who, I think, likes throwing things out there and getting attention, and you know, hey, I think everybody knows that about him, and I used to think it was pretty funny, but when he crosses that line and says stuff that's very racist sounding and just… It's not cool anymore, it's not funny, and he just comes off wrong. Billy's always been very cool to me, and I've always thought he was very funny and a great guy, but you know, it's like, 'Dude, where are you going with this?' I don't really know. You know again, it's not really… I kind of stay away from it. In terms of ANTHRAX, I don't think there's one ounce of credibility in what he says, because, I mean, I just know differently. I don't think it matters. I think people don't even listen to that anymore."

You can download an MP3 file containing Bush's answer at this location.

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