ANTHRAX's SCOTT IAN: 'I'm Pumped!'

March 3, 2003

The following is a re-posting of the latest installment of ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian's regular online column, dubbed "Alpha Mail", as it appears on the group's official web site at

"Comrades, Like Charlie said the other day, rehearsal has been fun. Lots of stuff we haven't done in forever and.........

"NO MEDLEY'S!!! (that's for you Rich)

"Full songs with leads! Today is the last day. We'll put the set list together. It's going to change quite a bit throughout the tour because we know about 35 songs with Rob now.

"Also, I guess the word is out about Sanctuary. There is an official press release that they sent out. It's true. After a year of courting, we're getting married. The house that MAIDEN built is where we've wanted to be since we started the record and we are glad that that is where we have ended up. May 6 release date. The U.S. release will be different than the Europe and Japan releases. Lots of extras. Now you won't have to complain that the Japanese always get the extra stuff. We'll post the official announcement as well.

"I'm pumped!! Let's go to work. Scott"

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