ANTHRAX's CHARLIE BENANTE Says 'Married With Children' Appearance Was One Of The Highlights Of His Career

February 24, 2021

ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante has reflected on the time when he and his bandmates were asked to co-star on an episode of the groundbreaking TV sitcom "Married With Children", a show that happened to be a favorite of all the ANTHRAX members. The episode was titled "My Dinner With Anthrax", and the band spent a week with the Bundy family at the iconic Sunset-Gower Studios in the heart of Hollywood, learning their lines, rehearsing and shooting the episode — and getting into a little hot water with the show's producers when they took "Bud Bundy" (David Faustino) to see METALLICA.

On Tuesday (February 23),Benante took to his Instagram to share a couple of photos from the "Married With Children" set, and he wrote: "On this day in 90'something we met #thebundies - this was one of the hi-lights of my career . Spending a week with the cast and crew learning how to 'hit your mark' and of course deliver your lines.

"When I watch it back I have great memories of that time. Things were happening so fast, it was hard to grasp. On The last day we filmed the show, we actually did 2 . We thought the first one went great, the audience laughed a lot and we all #hit our marks . The writers and producers came down and decided to change some of our lines... OH SHIT! There was a different rhythm now but the new lines were funnier.

"We finished and went to the after show dinner. We all sat together with #edoneill at the head telling stories, it was so great. At one point #clinteastwood and #morganfreeman were sitting across from us and we were all freaking out. This is where it got crazy- Ed said to us ' hey guys, wanna go meet CLINT? He brought us to meet #dirtyharry himself and it was awesome. Many many drinks later we were shitfaced with Al Bundy. I don't remember what happened after that... what a week".

A synopsis of the "My Dinner With Anthrax" episode, which originally aired March 1992, reads as follows: "It's Al and Peg's 20th anniversary, and Peggy wants only one thing from Al... Meanwhile Kelly and Bud win the 'My Dinner With Anthrax' contest, which means a house party with the thrash-metal band, but there will be no party unless they get rid of mom and dad first. The answer: tricking them into taking a Florida 'vacation' that turns out to be a time-share sales scam where the salesman won't leave them alone." Each member of ANTHRAX had a couple of lines to say in the show and the band performed "In My World".

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