ARCH ENEMY, CHIMAIRA, ALL THAT REMAINS Vocalists Featured On 'The Zen Of Screaming II' DVD

April 26, 2007

ARCH ENEMY's Angela Gossow, CHIMAIRA's Mark Hunter, ALL THAT REMAINS' Phil Labonte and UNEARTH's Trevor Phipps are among the vocalists who are featured on the "The Zen Of Screaming II" DVD from vocal coach Melissa Cross. "Learn the three different scream mechanisms (Fry, False Cord and Death) plus loads of performance tips," a promotional pitch for the DVD reads. "Also great for anyone wanting to put a raspy sound on clean singing without slicing up the throat."

Watch a video trailer for "The Zen Of Screaming II" at YouTube.

Commented Gossow: "An instructional DVD can NEVER replace a vocal coach. If you experience any problems with your voice, you should seek professional advice. I have learned quite a few helpful things from books and DVDs, but getting face-to-face lessons is a whole different story. Many times I believed I was doing it right, but I was dead wrong. Exercising in front of a mirror can help with self-control. Taping/recording yourself can also help. The sound you hear IN your head can be very different from the actual sound of your outer vocal reproduction. Never strain or push too hard. At least not for days and days on end. Take a break when your voice feels tired. The vocal cords are muscles, which get stronger with time and practice. There are different ways how to scream, find out what fits best for you. I am doing it the loud way. Others are able to produce a very quiet growl, which can sound amazing too. Your pipes are unique. Don't try to sound like Mikael Ã…kerfeldt when really you are Paul Baloff (RIP). You get my point. Be yourself. That's what you will be best at. And I am gonna work on these Celine Dion wails now. Bwahahaha."

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