ARCH ENEMY: 'Revolution Begins' Video Posted Online

November 1, 2007

ARCH ENEMY's video for the song "Revolution Begins" can be viewed below courtesy of Headbanger's Blog. (NOTE: Video stream is not available to non-U.S. residents.)

The "Revolution Begins" video was shot in early September just days before ARCH ENEMY flew to North America to begin the Black Tyranny tour (with MACHINE HEAD, THROWDOWN and SANCTITY). To promote their new album, "Rise of the Tyrant", the band shot two videos in Gothenburg, Sweden with director Patric Ullaeus (IN FLAMES, LACUNA COIL),and while filming "Revolution Begins", drummer Daniel Erlandsson's hair went up in smoke.

"The video is set in a huge gravel pit with plenty of pyros going off whilst we were playing," said singer Angela Gossow in a statement. "[During the shoot, the direction of] the wind changed and Daniel's hair was no more — well, at least some of it. It kinda caught fire and literally melted down in a split second. Pretty, pretty scary!"

The next day, ARCH ENEMY had other heat problems shooting the second video for the song "I Will Live Again". "We shot [it] in Patric's studio with me being tied back to the wall, fighting against the chains," Gossow said. "I tore them right out of the wall and flew into the burning hot set lights in front of me. The result [was] a couple of third-degree burns on my forearms. Ouch! I will remember that one for quite awhile.'

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